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Man Arrested for Killing his Girlfriend in Southern Thailand

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A 20-year-old man has been arrested in southern Thailand for bashing his girlfriend head in because she tried to breakup with him. On Sept 13, police were notified that a woman’s corpse had been found inside a cage outside a home in southern Thailand’s Phatthalung city.

The body, identified to be that of Miss Kochakorn Thongdeepheng, 23. Police said she was found lying face down, with her forehead and left eye bashed in.

Judging by the state of the body officials said Kochakorn must have been killed at least nine hours before. An initial investigation showed that the woman had been 20-year-old Natthapol Dumsin’s girlfriend.

Locals said Kochakorn had showed up at her boyfriend’s home on Saturday evening. The local villagers said they could be heard quarreling. However, nobody paid much attention because the couple were always fighting.

Police said Natthapol initially denied any knowledge of the case, he eventually reportedly confessed after a long interrogation. He admitted to killing Kochakorn after she said she would leave him. He said he placed her dead body in a cage outside, Asia One reports.

Tuk-Tuk driver shoots compatriot in Southern Thailand

Tuk Tuk driver shoots compatriot in Southern Thailand

A tuk-tuk driver is in a critical condition after being shot nine times in Thailand’s southern province of Songkhla.

Police were alerted to a shooting incident at a taxi stand near Hat Yai train station in Songkhla at 3pm on Sunday (September 13).

At the scene, they found Sao Phuangthong, 40, a tuk-tuk taxi driver, lying on the ground with nine gunshot wounds in the chest and back. He was rushed to Hospital where rescue staff said he was in critical condition.

Police have arrested the alleged shooter, Chaowalit Phuthaksin, 40, who is also a tuk-tuk taxi driver. He reportedly shot the tuk-tuk driver with a .38 handgun. Brass knuckles were also found at the scene.

Phuthaksin has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon, possession of an unlicensed firearm and attempted murder. Police said should the tuk-tuk drive die in hospital his charges will also be upgraded to first degree murder.

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