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Koh Chang Inundated With Torrential Rain, Floods and Rough Seas

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BANGKOK – Ferry services and tours were halted after torrential rain, floods and rough seas has inundated Koh Chang, in Southern Thailand.

Local officials reported the overflowing canals on the island following more than two days of torrential rain. Several roads, bridges and properties near waterways were damaged, the Bangkok Post reported.

The areas around Khlong Son, Khlong Phlu, Kai Bae and Chai Chet bridges were affected. Motorists were advised to stay away from flooded roads and bridges due to powerful currents. Which already engulfed and damaged several vehicles.

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The management of Mu Koh Chang National Park closed Khlong Plu and Tan Mayom waterfalls, which were flowing heavily. It also suspended coral tours on Koh Rang island due to rough seas.

Floodwater was reportedly 30-50 centimeters deep in Ban Khlong Phrao, Ban Khlong Makok, Ban Hat Sai Khao, Ban Mab Khang Khao and Ban Kai Bae villages. Several properties near waterways were at least one meter under water. Strong currents slammed branches and logs against bridges.

Severe runoff occurred on Sunday morning. The levels of local canals were fluctuating as runoff from the island’s mountainous terrain continued. Local authorities said they might ask the navy to pick up tourists if rough seas continued unabated.

 Torrential Rains and Flooding Inundates Koh Chang

Meanwhile, Floods in northeastern Thailand have left 23,000 people homeless in evacuation shelters. Floods have submerged homes and roads as anger grows over the government’s “slow” emergency response.

Torrential monsoon rains have hammered the North and Northeast for the last two weeks. Causing flash floods and mudslides. Families have been evacuated from their homes in boats or makeshift rafts.

Since Aug 29, 32 people have been killed from flooding, Thailand’s disaster department said Saturday.

Two weather events are behind the widespread floods, Storm Podul and a tropical depression that formed over the South China Sea.

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