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Woman Spectator Attacked By Angry Bull in Southern Thailand

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A woman spectator has been gored by an angry bull while sitting in the crowd at a Thai bullfight in Southern Thailand. The bull cow somehow broke into the stands and charged the woman, Thai media reported.

Ms. Khun Nam, 57, required first aid to an inch-long cut on her face after being battered by an angry bull during a bull fight in Trang province in southern Thailand.

Video captured from the opposite stand shows panicked spectators fleeing after the bull managed to smash through a wooden barrier and into the seating area.

People can be seen climbing up metal poles surrounding the concrete seating area in order to escape the enraged animal.

As bullring staff try to corral the creature back into the ring, it sets its sights on Ms Nam and charged her. The bull drove her into a corner and up against a metal pole.

Llucky she escaped further injury after the bull’s horns narrowly missed one of her arms. The angry bull got tangled in her t-shirt instead.

Fortunately for Ms Nam, the bull soon fled out of the stands and was recaptured.

In Thailand, bulls are pitted against one-another to see which is stronger. The animals typically survive.

The sport is thought to have started with contests between cattle farmers to see who owns the strongest bull.

However, the contests have now expanded into spectator events and are attracting a growing number of tourists.

Management of the events is still haphazard, with few rules governing safety.

Angry bull charges through spectators and gores a woman

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