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Mastodon Social Media Platform: What is It? Everything You Need to Know



Mastodon Social Media Platform What is It Everything You Need to Know

(CTN News) – Users are looking for an alternative microblogging platform after Musk took over Twitter. Several Twitter users have already migrated to Koo, Reddit, and Tumblr, which are potential alternatives. But Mastodon, a decentralized social media platform, has everyone’s attention. Learn more about Mastodon, what it is and how it differs from Twitter.

What is Mastodon?

Mastodon is a social networking platform that allows users to create their own servers, as opposed to being hosted by a platform or company. Facebook and Twitter, for example, are centralized in such a way that leadership decides what the platform’s future will be, what features will be introduced, etc. However, platforms like MInds, Aether, and Mastodon run on independent servers and are built on open-source algorithms.

Since people are sceptical about Musk’s plans for Twitter and free speech, they are looking for decentralized alternatives. Mastodon is one of these. In the same way that Minds is an alternative to Facebook and Aether is an alternative to Reddit, Mastodon has emerged as a popular alternative to the microblogging platform Twitter. Twitter and Mastodon are similar in many ways.

How is Mastodon similar to Twitter?

In Mastodon, instead of tweets, users post ‘toots’ with a character limit of 500. Users are also able to follow other users on Twitter. Apart from this, users can also create their own networks, also known as ‘instances’ on the platform. Users can choose which network or ‘instance’ they want to participate in the platform, giving them more control. In spite of this, users can still communicate with users on other servers, even after joining a specific server.

Users can share their thoughts on the platform in three different privacy settings: direct, private, and public. The concept of public toots and private toots is similar to those on other platforms like Instagram – public toots are visible to everyone on the platform, and private toots are visible only to followers. Furthermore, Mastodon has anti-abuse tools to protect its users. Users can learn more about the platform at You have to try the platform to get the hang of it, just like with other social media platforms.

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