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Does QQTube Work? –



Does QQTube Work? -

QQTube: When a friend told me about I was skeptical at first. Buying social media likes and views didn’t appeal to me, and to be honest, I didn’t think that it could be worth the money spent. But in the last couple of years, I came to rely much more on my social media presence to keep me afloat through hard times.

When I started spending more time online I became more invested in my social media platforms, and I also realized how unfair the algorithms have become. I noticed that I would hardly see posts from my friends and the people I follow anymore, and what I was mostly seeing were paid ads and other posts that didn’t really interest me. This also made me realize that a lot of people probably were not seeing my content either.

So I finally decided to check out QQTube and I’m kind of mad that I didn’t do it sooner. It’s way more professional than I expected it to be, and they don’t just offer YouTube likes and views but a whole bunch of services for several different social media platforms.

For YouTube they offer likes, views, subscribers, and even Watch Time Hours and Live Streaming views. They also have services for SoundCloud, Pinterest, Reddit, and even TikTok and Twitch. I kind of wish that they offered services for other sites like Instagram and Twitter, but when I inquired they said that they often update their services and offer new ones, so I hope that this will be a thing at some point.

One of the best things about QQTube and why I finally went ahead and tried it was the fact that they offer each new customer a one time free service. You can pick between a bunch of services, including 1k YouTube views, 50 YouTube subscribers, 5k TikTok views, 100 free Twitch followers, and others too. I ended up choosing the 100 TikTok followers, because I have been wanting to work on being more present on there. I was actually pretty surprised to see those followers come in because it all seems so real and gave me the confidence to try more of their services.

Some of the other things I really like about QQTube are how organized everything is on their site and their blog. When you sign up you get access to a dashboard that makes it easy to see what you ordered, when, and if the order is in progress or finished. I’m a little scatter brained, so this was a great help for me.

In the couple of times that I have had an issue with something I was able to use the live chat and they were super helpful. I also really love their blg. As someone who wasn’t super into social media stuff until recently I didn’t even realize how much stuff I didn’t know! Their blog has dozens of articles about different social media topics, like how to build your YouTube channel and tips on blogging. Their blog isn’t just for customers, anyone can read it, which I think is really great.

They say that they don’t guarantee any kind of monetization to be granted through their services, because I guess that’s what a lot of people are looking for, but I have been able to get a lot more attention on my posts, and it has helped me gain a lot more organic followers and views on top of the ones I pay for, so I’m happy about that.

Oh also I think I should mention that their services are pretty affordable. Part of why I was not sure about buying these kinds of things at first is because I thought it wouldn’t be worth the money, but I can say that I was wrong on that. They have a lot of cheap services, like 1k YouTube views under $2! So I think it’s worth it, personally.

I thought I would write this because my friend was very much “I told you so”, and so I thought I would sort of return the favor and let other people know about it too. If you do use their services I hope that you end up liking them as much as I do.


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