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Develop a Social Media Market with a Cost-Effective Clubhouse Clone app



Develop a Social Media Market with a Cost-Effective Clubhouse Clone app

An audio-based social networking app like Clubhouse is a trending one that is ruling the social media industry in recent times. This hype fuels existing big players like Facebook to start developing a similar app like Clubhouse. In addition to this, Twitter works on the Spaces feature (invite-only audio-chat) and Telegram introduced the Voice chat feature.

Undoubtedly, there is a chance that the audio-based social media app is going to lead the market in the future. Why wait? It’s golden time to set foot into the social media industry with a Clubhouse Clone app. Read on this blog to have insights.

Let’s take a glance at the working process of an app like Clubhouse.

Clubhouse is a social audio chat app launched in March 2020 and its worth is nearly about $1 billion. At the initial stage, it was available for the iOS platform only. Whereas, it is now available for both the Android and iOS platforms. As of February 2021, the Clubhouse app has over 9 million downloads worldwide.

In an app like Clubhouse, users can create their profiles with the necessary information. Upon registration, users can create their profiles and customize them. After that, they can join any room from the available lists of rooms in the app. Apart from this, they have the option to create a room on their own.

They can have a conversation with other users about the topic they are interested in. One uniqueness of this app is that other users can join the room only when the host (who creates a room) accepts the request. By default, the users’ audio is muted. However, they can un-mute themselves to have a conversation.

Steps to create a similar audio-chat app Clubhouse

Before you enter the social media industry, it is better to have knowledge of the Clubhouse like app development process. Irrespective of any app, the steps to develop it will be the same. Let’s walk through the app development process.

Step 1 – Market research for idea validation

Prior to investing in the Clubhouse similar app development, you have to ensure that your app idea will sustain itself in the market for a long time. Focus on studying your competitors and research their strengths & weaknesses. This will give scope for making a competitive edge in the market space. However, you can come up with market tactics to grow your app.

The actuality is Clubhouse being the pioneer in providing an audio chat, other players in the social media industry are replicating this unique concept. Therefore, introducing this concept is a sure hit as you enter the flourishing industry with a new concept.

Step 2 – Target audience study

Having a correct understanding of your target audience is a great plus for your business. Get to know their preferences and demands. Make a note of the problems that users may encounter while using your app. This can be done by taking a survey with a certain set of relevant questions.

Step 3 – User-friendly UI/UX

With the emergence of Clubhouse, the social media marketplace is occupied with similar apps. To get visibility and reach a broader audience, it has become essential to make your app unique from your competitors. However, you must provide an engaging interface in which users can navigate through various options swiftly. Apart from offering visual attractiveness to your app, providing intuitive functionality with user-friendly features is indispensable.

Step 4 – Monetization strategies

Before proceeding, you have to choose the right monetization model since it determines the app’s architecture. A few of the possible revenue models you opt for during Clubhouse Clone app development are as follows.

  • Freemium is a combination model of free and premium. With this model, users can download the app without any charge and opt for some special features after being paid for upgrading.
  • A premium revenue model is a concept of offering services to discriminating users. You can even seek a higher profit margin on lower sales.
  • Advertising is a simple but efficient revenue model. You can charge a fee from the advertisers for promoting their products in your app. A charge fee may be based on the clicks, impressions, or views.
  • In-app purchases revenue model is letting the users purchase within the app.

Step 5 – Features to be included in your app

The inclusion of features will shape the functionality of the app. However, consider making an audio-based social network app with avant-garde features to stand apart from your rivals. Here are some of the top essential features that you never miss out on in your app.

  • User feed – Once the user registers with the app using relevant details, they can access the feed where they can find rooms to join.
  • Room – It is a virtual conferencing space where the users can start a discussion and accept the other users’ invitation to join the group. To create a room, the users have to select the Start a Room option. On the other hand, they have to select the Leave option to exit the room.
  • Clubs – This feature is similar to Facebook groups. With this, users can take part in the clubs of their choice and share their opinions with other users who have similar interests.
  • Push notification – It is a common feature in the social media app that will help you to boost user engagement. You can update the users with information regarding their activities in the app.
  • Upcoming for you – This feature is like an events schedule that includes the forthcoming discussions. It comprises chat names, the starting time for a session, speaker identity, and a short description. Users can get to know the time of when the conversation will begin by tapping the bell icon.
  • Moderation – It is quite an essential feature for the audio social app. Ensure to add a proper moderation space in every room to eliminate the interaction of users who give hate speech which hurts others’ emotions.
  • Activity – Users can view their interaction history and people who have followed them. In addition to this, they can check out who has joined the app recently.

Some special features that you could consider incorporating in your app are Screen sharing, Audio recording, Subtitles, and AI-powered recommendations.

Step 6 – Find an app development team/company

The next is to find out a reliable app development team or company for Clubhouse Clone app development. Once you discuss your idea with them, they will validate your idea from their side and estimate a price for app development. They will settle the workflow & functionality to craft the app concept.

Step 7 – Create the Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Once the company/team confirms the app’s functionality, they move into building the Minimum Viable Product (MVP). As this is a prototype of the app, this consists of functional elements and core features. One major benefit of launching an MVP is that you can know the app’s impact among the users from the analysis of their feedback.

Developing an app from scratch is expensive and time-consuming. However, investing in this might have ended up launching an app that does not fit the users’ demands. Therefore, considering the MVP is a profitable idea.

Estimating the cost of developing a social audio app like Clubhouse

The cost of developing a social audio app like Clubhouse mainly relies on the features and functionality you decide on. Moreover, the app development team or company you approach is one predominant factor that affects the cost. Notably, the cost varies depending on the platform you choose for the app launch. You can select the platform based on your target audience, budget, and requirements.

It is less expensive to develop a minimum functionality than a fully-featured app. You can start with a simple prototype and improvise your app with time. Time frame is another major factor that contributes to the cost. However, the price will elevate significantly when the app development takes a long time. That is, developing it from the beginning consumes more time, whereas opting for a ready-made Clubhouse Clone app is time-conserving.

Other factors that can impact the app development cost are technology stack, UI/UX design, app maintenance after deployment, and third-party service/app integration. In a nutshell, the cost solely depends on your business needs.

Summing up

Nowadays, social media apps are becoming a vital part of everyone’s lives. It is the first thing people check when they wake up in the morning and the last thing to gaze at before going to bed. A social audio app like Clubhouse is developed for entertainment purposes and becomes popular among people in a short period. Replicating the same concept with your Clubhouse Clone app is a top-notch business.


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