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4 Best sites to Buy TikTok Followers Australia



Buy TikTok Followers Australia

It’s not surprising that many people are looking to buy TikTok followers in Australia given how much the app has grown in popularity over recent months.

But what is the best website to buy TikTok followers in Australia?

We tested over 50 sites selling Australian Tiktok followers and listed the 4 best sites to buy TikTok followers from Australia below.

  1. The Social Savior
  2. Instaboost
  3. Growing Social Media
  4. Buy More Fans

Let’s compare what they have to offer.

1. The Social Savior

If you’re looking for the best site to buy TikTok followers from Australia, The Social Savior is our top choice. They offer the best value and deliver instant results within 24 hours. They sell high-quality TikTok followers who are real Australian people. These followers are active TikTok users so they can like your videos and share them as well. You will get:

  • Real followers from Australia
  • Active followers
  • Fast delivery

Check out their website at

2. Instaboost

The second best website to buy TikTok followers in Australia is Instaboost. This company has been featured in Forbes and HuffPost as one of the top places to buy TikTok followers. This site offers several packages to choose from at affordable rates. The selection available includes:

  • 500 followers for $19
  • 1000 followers for $29
  • 2500 followers for $69
  • 5000 followers for $99 ($5k)
  • 10k followers for $149 (10000)

Check out their website at

3. Growing Social Media

The third best place to buy TikTok followers from Australia is Growing Social Media. This website offers many features that will help you grow your social media accounts faster. They sell real Australian followers which are real people that are active on TikTok. They have good customer support and a refill guarantee. They offer:

  • Genuine followers from Australia
  • High-quality service
  • Quick delivery

Check out their website at

4. Buy More Fans

Last, but not least is Buy More Fans. This site was the first one to sell Australian TikTok followers a few years ago, and is still one of the best. The followers that they sell are real active users on TikTok, and they deliver followers in less than 24 hours. They also have a great customer support team and offer other social media services on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube. They offer:

  • Real followers from Australia
  • Affordable price
  • Fast delivery

Check out their website at

What is the best site to buy TikTok followers in Australia?

All 4 websites listed in this blog post are good places to buy TikTok followers in Australia for your TikTok account. They have been featured on other blogs like OZ Finder as the top places to buy TikTok followers from Australia, awarded by Hollywood Gazette in this blog post, and featured on as the best sites to buy TikTok followers from Australia. You can choose any of these sites, depending on which site better serves your needs. They all offer high-quality services. I hope this article helped you find the best site to buy TikTok followers from Australia.

Frequently Asked Questions about buying TikTok followers in Australia

We wrote the answers to the most frequently asked questions from our readers, related to buying Australian TikTok followers and similar high-quality services. You can read these answers below.

Can you buy real TikTok followers?

Yes. You can buy real TikTok followers from the sites recommended in this blog post. They all sell real followers. There are also other sites where you can buy fake followers with fake accounts for cheaper, but we don’t recommend those. It’s better to buy Australian followers which are real Australian people that will actually watch your short videos, get more TikTok views and share your TikTok videos, compared to buying fake followers with cheap prices that won’t do much. for you.

Where can I buy active TikTok followers?

You can buy active TikTok followers from the 4 sites listed in this blog post:


All these sites sell active followers on TikTok that are active users, and they are real people.

Does TikTok ban you if you buy followers?

No. TikTok will not ban you or ban your account if you buy followers. This is a myth. Millions of people are buying TikTok followers every year and no one gets banned.

How much does it cost to buy followers on TikTok?

Buying followers on TikTok costs approximately:

  • $20 for 500 followers
  • $30 for 1000 followers
  • $70 for 2500 followers
  • $99 for 5000 followers (5k)
  • $149 for 10k followers (10000)

The cost varies depending on the amount of followers that you want to buy.

Are they real TikTok accounts?

Yes, they are real accounts. All these sites offer instant delivery for your order, meaning that once you paid for them, they will start following & liking within minutes on all their social networks.

Is it safe to buy followers on TikTok?

Yes, it is completely safe to buy TikTok followers. All sites listed here are verified and safe as of 2022. We bought followers safely from all these sites ourselves as a test on our new account, and it worked perfectly.

Is it illegal to buy TikTok followers?

No, it is not illegal to buy TikTok followers. This is a myth. There are no laws against buying TikTok followers anywhere in the world.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes. You can get a full refund from all sites listed in this post if the users that you bought do not start following and liking your posts overnight.

Can I pay with Paypal, with my credit card, or with Bitcoin?

Yes. These websites all accept payment with your credit card, debit card, visa, Mastercard, American Express, Paypal and Bitcoin.

How long does it take to get my followers?

This depends on the site you choose to buy from, but normally they deliver within a few minutes or hours max. Some sites offer instant delivery.

How many followers can you purchase on TikTok?

You can buy up to 1 Million, however, most people buy 100 to 1000.

Why are the followers cheap?

Because buying followers is just boosting your account. Premium sites have more advertising costs, so they need to sell their viewers cheaper in order to keep their business running. Because your purchase is a one-time cost and you will use this for as long as you want a large following on TikTok. You buy once and get established TikTok users forever.

Can I also buy TikTok likes with instant delivery?

Yes. You can buy TikTok likes on all sites listed on this blog post.

Can I buy likes for my short videos on my TikTok account?

Yes, you can buy likes for every single video that you want to promote or boost on TikTok. As long as it is your own content, there are no rules against promoting your videos with extra likes.

Can I get in trouble if I purchase followers on TikTok?

No, there is no risk at all. You buy once and use them indefinitely. Just don’t go overboard by buying too many viewers at once, as it would look unrealistic. Just use these TikTok services in moderation.

Can I get my money back if I don’t like it?

Yes, most sites offer money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their service.

Will people know I bought TikTok likes or followers?

No. All the Tiktok followers or likes that you buy are from real accounts and those profiles look natural as if they were your own TikTok followers. No one will ever find out you bought followers for your account unless you shout it out loud!

Can I also buy TikTok views for my TikTok videos?

Yes, you can buy views on TikTok, and these are very cheap compared to buying likes. We recommend buying likes after you get more followers.

Do these sites need my TikTok password?

No, they never need your TikTok password as they are not connected to TikTok in any way. They just need your TikTok username so that they know where to deliver the high-quality services and viewers for your TikTok profile or for your TikTok account. Never use a weak password and never give it to anyone while trying to get more followers.

How does it work?

A lot of sites work with several TikTok accounts. Once you purchase followers, likes or video views their customer support team uses those accounts to do the follow/like/view exchange on your behalf, making it look natural and safe for your account. Remember that it is very important that all viewers look as if they were real people following you without any sign of automation.

You can use these followers for self-promotion after you create amazing content, gain more likes & viewers on all of your posts and ultimately get more engagement and grow your audience on TikTok and on other platforms.

What is the best place to buy TikTok followers Australia?

If you want to purchase Australian followers, the best place to buy followers on TikTok in Australia is They have tens of thousands of satisfied customers and offer high-quality services at a reasonable price. The other 3 websites are also very good and provide high-quality followers and high-quality services with reasonable prices that will help you get more TikTok fans and more Australian followers. These are trustworthy sellers that you can buy Tik Tok followers from. You can use these 4 best sites to get more TikTok followers and TikTok fans at a fair price and get instant fame on this social media platform and on other social media platforms as well.


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