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Importing a Car from US to Dubai



Importing a Car from US to Dubai

Importing a car sfrom the United States to Dubai, UAE? We offer two modes of shipping namely, consolidated container and RORO shipping. The estimated cost per car starts at $1300 depending on the car type and size with an estimated transit time of 25-35 days depending on RORO or container movements.

Freight My Car is a car shipping company in Dubai UAE and can handle all your auto logistics requirements from inspection of your desired vehicle which you’re looking to purchase, all export/import paperwork in the States as well as Dubai including pick-up and delivery right at your doorstep!

The below guide will explain everything that is required to import a vehicle from the United States to Dubai.

Checklist to import a vehicle to Dubai from the US

  • To import a vehicle to UAE and legally register it, you’ll need a valid residency permit along with the Emirates ID.
  • A certain set of documents are required for both new and used vehicles
  1. New cars – CoC which means a certificate of origin and the original invoice.
  2. Used cars – Vehicle export certificate from the US department of traffic, the Export declaration from US customs, valid insurance, and identity documents.
  • Detailed costs of shipping the car to Dubai
  1. Freight charges and marine cargo insurance to secure your vehicles from any damage in transit.
  2. Port charges at origin and destination including loading, unloading, and storage at the warehouse.
  3. Customs duty and VAT plus any other fees charged at origin and destination
  4. Insurance and registration depending on the city i.e., Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi
  5. Other charges such as towing of the car, customs brokerage, warehouse storage, etc.

Import costs from the US to Dubai with applicable transit times

To determine the costs for shipping a car from the US to Dubai, there are certain factors that need to be taken into consideration such as the car type and size, shipping method, departure port, local pick up in the US and delivery address in Dubai. Furthermore, the value of the vehicle also plays an important role in determining the price factor, for instance, if Freight My Car must ship a Rolls Royce Dawn from Los Angeles port to Jebel Ali port, we’d recommend moving through a personal 20ft container given the high value of the vehicles to avoid any damages or we could ship it with Roll on Roll off (RORO) to ensure safety and budget-friendly method of shipping. RORO from LA to Jebel Ali starts at $1500 again depending on the car make and model with an estimated transit time ranging from 20 to 35 days depending on the vessel port calls.

Customs duty and VAT for vehicle imports in Dubai

Import clearance for cars in UAE attracts a customs duty of 5% based on the declared value with a validated proof such as the export declaration or bill of sale. However, in addition to this, the shipment also attracts VAT of 5% which includes all services charges based on the CIF value. For instance, we’d add the cost of shipping, insurance, customs duty, clearance charges, and export charges in order to which the VAT of 5% would be applied on. After completing the import process and all duties being paid, the Customs in Dubai along with the Roads and Transport authority would issue a Vehicle Clearance Certificate (VCC) meaning that all duties have been paid and the vehicle can be registered using this VCC copy.

Types of services we offer from the US to Dubai

Below are the shipping modes we offer for the US to Dubai route from all major ports in the US as well as receiving ports in UAE,

1. RORO car shipping

The most economical method for shipping a fleet of cars is wherein the cars are driven into the vessel and secured with lashing belts. With this method, you can certainly save a good amount in port fees at origin as well as the destination.

2. Consolidation in a container

The second most economical method wherein multiple units are loaded in a 40ft container wherein you can save on the port charges by sharing it with other vehicles owners who have their units in the same container.

3. Personal container option

Similar to the consolidation, this options services the purpose of high-value vehicles which are loaded in a 20ft container dedicated to your car. This is the most secure method for transporting vehicles from US to Dubai.

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