Seven Dangerous Days Road Safety Command Center Officially Opens

Seven Dangerous Days Road Safety Command Center Officially Opens

BANGKOK – Thailand’s Interior Minister Gen Anupong Paojinda has inaugurated a road safety and accident prevention command center, established for the so-called Seven Dangerous Days from April 11th – 17th.

The center will coordinate with all sectors to ensure traffic laws are enforced rigorously during Songkran holidays to curb accidents. It will also work with local communities and volunteer networks across the nation to prevent accidents on minor roads, in addition to highways.

Gen Anupong has instructed provincial authorities to promote traditional Songkran festivities, as well as tourist safety. Medical teams should also be on standby to respond quickly to any emergency.

The Ministry of the Interior this year is reportedly placing a greater emphasis on reducing the number of accidents across the country, as opposed to making casualty estimates. The agency will focus on 198 accident-prone districts.

Six road safety measures will also be implemented to reduce risks related to human error and mechanical failure, as well as to promote tourist and water transport safety over the holidays.

By Nuppol Suvansombut

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