Royal Thai Police General Warn Criminals Before Crime Campaign Begins

RTP Deputy Commissioner-General Pol Gen Sriwara Rangsipramanakul
Royal Thai Police Deputy Commissioner-General Pol Gen Sriwara Rangsipramanakul speaks to reporters in Bangkok.


BANGKOK – The Royal Thai Police Deputy Commissioner Pol Gen Sriwara Rangsipramanakul has forwarned criminals that police are set to launch a campaign targeting 6,000 individuals with influence related to illegal conducts, says a police official.

Pol Gen Sriwara Rangsipramanakul has revealed that starting from tomorrow, the police will be working closely with personnel from the military and the administrative sector to eradicate local groups of persons with influences related to 16 categories of crime, such as bid rigging, establishment of illegal authority, and drugs.

He said the police have targeted 6,000 individuals related to illegal conducts, after a 4-month intensive investigation campaign. The police will not disclose any details regarding these suspects at this time.

Pol Gen Sriwarahas said the operations will be carried out according to the military’s strategic plan, with support provided by the police. The police force has been active in conducting arrests on individuals believed of involvement with local mafias.

By Tanakorn Sangiam



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