Prayut Tells Kingdom to Conserve Water, through Thailand’s Worst Ever Drought

Addressing the Nation on his weekly “Returning Happiness to the Thai People”


BANGKOK – Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha has made a televised appealed for Thais throughout the Kingdom to conserve water so that the country can go through the worst ever drought.

Addressing the Nation on his weekly “Returning Happiness to the Thai People” program on Friday evening, Prayut said he believed the Thai people would never lose their kindheartedness with one another despite the drought.

Prayut said he saw the water shortage crisis an opportunity for all Thais to cooperate, to show their love for one another and to be united and to face the crisis altogether with full awareness of the source of the crisis and to be ready to sacrifice for mutual benefit.

The prime minister pointed out that it was impossible for all Thais to have access to water because water is limited and there are no rains and water in dams has dried up.

For that matter, he urged city dwellers to use water sparingly “because we have to keep water until August and if there are no rains by then the problem will continue.”

Meanwhile, the Provincial Waterworks Authority said its officials have been monitoring salinity problem in its water sources around the clock to make sure that its quality is up to the standard mandated by WHO.



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