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Powerball Winning Numbers For April 18, 2022: Who Will Win $348 Million?



Powerball Winning Numbers For April 18, 2022: Who Will Win $348 Million?
(CTN News) – Powerball and Powerball plus are two of the most popular lotteries in South Africa. This lotto is handled by ITHUBA Holdings. Lotteries such as this one can be played by players who are 18 years of age or older. Due to its high payouts, Powerball has steadily gained popularity in South Africa. Each week at 9:00 pm, Powerball draws take place.

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Powerball and Powerball Plus Lottery winning numbers for April 18, 2022

The Powerball and Powerball Plus winning numbers and results will be announced at 9:00 pm SAST on April 18, 2022. The final results will be available soon. The Powerball lottery prize is approximately R 348 million. Powerball Plus has a smaller jackpot prize than Powerball.

Powerball and Powerball Plus previous winning numbers

The Previous Powerball and Powerball Plus lotteries were held on April 16th. This lottery was also held at 9:00 pm. Powerball lottery winning numbers were 15, 21, 32, 62, 65. Along with these winning numbers, there was also a bonus number of 26. According to estimates, the next jackpot prize in the lottery will be R 348 million. The winning numbers for the Powerball Plus lottery were 09, 17, 22, 39, 42. The bonus number was 8. The rollover amount for this lottery was estimated at R R5 million.

How to play the Powerball and Powerball Plus lottery game?

  • The Powerball and Powerball Plus lotteries are held every Tuesday and Friday.
  • They are both easy to play. Each board or play costs R 5.
  • The Powerball lottery requires you to pick five main numbers from a series of one to 45 numbers.
  • Next, choose one Powerball number from a range of one to 20.
  • Your prize depends on how many of your main numbers match the winning numbers. You will also win more if your Powerball number matches the winning Powerball number. Matching all five main numbers as well as the Powerball number will win the top prize.

Powerball Plus is exactly the same as the Powerball lottery

Players who wish to play the Powerball Plus lottery must purchase an additional R 2.5 with their Powerball Plus board ticket. Powerball plus, however, has a lower price than Powerball.

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