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Pensacola Man Wins $930,000 from ‘Florida Lottery’ Scratch-off



Florida Lottery

The Florida Lottery scratch-off ticket purchased by a Pensacola man Friday has now made him $930,000.00 richer.

The Florida Lottery scratch-off ticket that Ralph Cole won on Friday has given him a payout of $930,000.00 from the prize pool.

A scratch-off ticket selling for $1000 a week was purchased by Cole from Circle K located on Barrancas Avenue in Jacksonville, Florida. In order to receive his winnings from the top prize, he has chosen to receive them in the form of a lump sum award.

After winning the lottery, Cole said that he plans to buy a new Harley and fix his wife’s Mustang with the money he will receive.

As a result of this promotion, Circle K also gained a $2000 bonus commission for selling the winning ticket.


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