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Thailand’s Deputy Ministers Sacked Over Alleged Political Coup



party, Thailand, Deputy Ministers Over Alleged Political Coup

Thailand’s Prime Minister has allegedly sacked the Deputy Agriculture Minister and Deputy Labor Minister , two key figures in the ruling Palang Pracharath Party (PPRP).

The alleged sacking of the two deputy ministers [Thamanat Prompow and Narumon Pinyosinwat] is believed to be a consequence of last week’s censorship debate. The alleged sacking orders of Mr Thamanat and Mrs. Narumon, were announced in the Royal Gazette on Thursday.

According to the Royal Gazette “The Prime Minister has informed the His Majesty the King that some cabinet ministers were being dismissed for the best interests of administration.”

Not long after the sacking announcement a letter of resignation signed by Mr Thamanat circulated online on Thursday. The letter gave no reason for Mr Thamanat resignation.

The former deputy minister is accused of maneuvering a displacement campaign allegedly involving several PPRP heavyweights and breakaway members of micro-coalition partners and politicians from the largest opposition party, the Thai Pheu Party.

Deputy ministers were expelled instead of resigning

Gossip of the deputy ministers was rife on Thai social media that the sackings had something to do with the alleged campaign to remover the prime minister from power. The aim of the former deputy ministers was designed to replace the Prime Minster that would result in a cabinet reshuffle. Certain key politicians in the PPRP Party, who are now deputy ministers, would be elevated to full ministers.

Meanwhile, Capt Thamanat told the Thai media that he had wrestled with his future for several months, and decided to give up on being a Cabinet Minister. He said he would now focus on his work as a MP representing northern Thailand’s Phayao province.

He said he stepped back because he was tired of the country’s political divisions, pointing out that the atmosphere in the cabinet was even worse. The fact when the resignation was associated with the supposed act, he said he informed Gen Prawit his decision on Monday.

Capt Thamanat also pointed out that he was considering the departing from the PPRP Party, he refused to tell reporters if some PPRP members would join him.

Capt Thamanat also said for now he would reduce his role in the PPRP Party. He also snarkily said that he would never step foot into the PPRP’s party office.

“I’ve being wooed by many political parties he said. It can be the Phayao Party or Palang Phayao Party or others. I’ve also made arrangements and you’ll see very soon,” he told reporters.

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