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Is CNN Biased Against Trump? Amazingly Biased, It Borders on Fake News




 Tim Ventura, a Digital Marketing Executive posted a screenshot on Quora from CCN’s website – it is from actual headlines for Feb 10th, 2018, it’s Amazingly Biased!

Ventura Says I’m no fan of Donald Trump, but what CNN’s doing goes beyond the pale in terms of character assassination.

I watched CNN regularly for years, and I get their desktop notifications on my Mac. Frequently I’ll click through expecting – well, news – and see a story wall full of headlines similar to this on their homepage.

You can’t run a homepage with stories like this and call yourself a credible news source, in my opinion. This kind of bias puts them basically in the same category as Alex Jones’ InfoWars, and frankly takes them beyond most of what I’ve read on HuffPost.

What I mean is this: if you take facts & skew them to support a blatantly partisan agenda, then publish those under the guise of “news”, what you’re doing is Fake News, pure & simple.

Opinion is one thing: that’s been a part of news forever. However, by making your top stories all opinion pieces, and by labeling opinion as “analysis”, you’re trying to portray it as hard news, when in fact it’s click-bait journalism.

Also, I want to take CNN to task with “Opinion”. Traditional news sources feature opinion on a diverse variety of topics supporting a wide array of perspectives. If you run “opinion” pieces over & over that are simply repetitive attacks on a person’s character, then once again you’re engaging in a form of yellow journalism.

For the record: these days I get my news from Google News, aggregates stories from all of the top online news sources. I have no love for any particular network, although if I had to choose one, it would probably be the BBC at this point.

Tim Ventura,
Digital Marketing Executive – Quora
Disinformation and Psychological Warfare

There are perfectly sound reasons to be against Trump and to like CNN, but to deny that CNN is biased against Trump is to deny the obvious.

Beyond political bias there is propaganda and beyond propaganda there is disinformation and psychological warfare.

What CNN has been up to,openly, for at least the last 6 months is way beyond bias and somewhere between propaganda and political/psychological warfare.

Today CNN declared that if Melania Trump had not plagiarized her speech they would be praising her. Does anyone believe this?

During FOX’s wars against Bill Clinton they sometimes talked about other things. If there were a terrorist attack or other major news event FOX did not focus first on how this might affect Clinton’s political chances, more than the event itself.

Fred Landis, Investigative Reporter – Quora
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