WotLK Classic: What Can We Do To Remove "You're Infected Debuff" In Zombie Invasion Event


WotLK Classic: What Can We Do To Remove “You’re Infected Debuff” In Zombie Invasion Event



WotLK Classic: Thankfully, we’ll still be able to play the pre-patch before the World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King Classic officially arrives on September 26, 2022.

During this warm-up period, players can experience some training to be fully prepared for unknown and fresh challenges in advance, such as acquiring more consumables, gold and upgrading the new Death Knights.

On the other hand, it’s unfortunate that players have encountered the horrific plague that has ravaged Azeroth like crazy, called Zombie Invasion Event.

If players accidentally become infected with the virus, they will carry a disease debuff on them.

It will cause players to lose themselves more and more and gradually become an unconscious zombie, then run around insane and have to infect more other players.


Maybe for some players who like chaos, they seem to have a great interest in being a zombie, and are happy to see other players crying or destroying other players’ gaming experience under their chase.

But for players who just want to have a good time in WOTLK Classic Pre-Patch, this plague is a real hassle, seriously hindering their ability to complete their missions and keep going.

If the plague continues to rage like this, the most serious consequence may be to greatly reduce players’ interest in playing Wrath of the Lich King Classic and buying WoW Classic WotLK gold or Read the comprehensive guide to prepare for battle with peace of mind.

Therefore, eliminating “You’re Infected debuff” is currently the first thing everyone who plays in WOTLK Classic Pre-Patch has to do, and we must pay attention!

Solution After Being Infected With “You’re Infected debuff”

When you’re forced to carry the “You’re Infected debuff”, you have a ten minute window to get rid of its nasty effects.

Once this time is exceeded, you will become a zombie. Although you can also gain a whole new set of abilities and have a natural advantage in spreading the plague, I know that is not your intention.

Now, if you want to remove the “You’re Infected debuff”, you can have another player dispel it or find your nearest Argent Healer.

This disease is not a terminal illness, all things are mutually reinforcing.

Just like other players can infect you, other people can heal you. You can enlist the help of a nearby Paladin or Priest, who can help heal you who are already infected.

However, because the disease is of a very malignant type, even if Paladin or Priest tries to help you heal it, it will take several more spells to completely dispel the “You’re Infected debuff”.

Players who find that there is no Paladin or Priest nearby can go to the nearest Argent Healer.

Normally, they would wait for those infected with the “You’re Infected debuff” to come and be treated in Azeroth’s cities like Stormwind and Ironforge for Alliance , Orgrimmar and Undercity for Horde, and Light’s Hope Chapel.

If you’re in the Outlands now, go to Shatttrath City, don’t wait until you’re completely lost yourselves, it’ll be too late.

In short, after you are infected with the “You’re Infected debuff”, you must try any hopeful way to try, otherwise after you are completely transformed into a zombie, you want to return to a normal person, then the only way is DEATH!!!

Death is the ultimate way out of all troubles. We don’t need to do that unless we have to.

Those players who have now returned to normal people also need to always be on guard against all possible risks around them.

In order to improve our ability to respond, resist and get out of trouble in a crisis situation, we had better improve our understanding of WotLK Classic or buy WOTLK Classic Gold to get better weapons, armors, shoes and others.

In this case, we will also have more confidence not to be reinfected.

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