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Wordle Answer #448 – September 10, 2022 Solution And Hints

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Wordle Answer #448 - September 10, 2022 Solution And Hints
(CTN News) _ Most players took four guesses to solve today’s Wordle puzzle, according to WordleBot. We’re running down some hints today to help you crack the code and keep your streak going.
 We’ll also reveal the full solution in the second half of this article, so if you’d rather skip ahead, feel free.
 In case you didn’t find yesterday’s Wordle solution, we have it ready for you as well.
Getting to today’s word solution is no easy feat. An adjective that describes something as “rising to a great height” (via Merriam-Webster).
It is or they are [the solution word] if they are impressively high and elevated in rank.
This word often appears before the words “ideals” or “position” in a sentence.
There is only one vowel in the word, O, and no repeated letters. L is the first letter and Y is the last.
 You did well if you figured out the solution with these hints. Please refer to the answer below the following image if you are still unsure.
In today’s Wordle puzzle (#448 – September 10, 2022), the answer is lofty.
In addition to the definitions we’ve provided above, lofty could also refer to someone with a haughty, overbearing demeanor. In textile terms, a fabric is lofty if it has firm and resilient fibers.
The word lofty is a derivative of “loft,” which means upper chamber, originally derived from late Old English “loft,” meaning “the sky.”
Even that goes back to Old Norse “lopt,” meaning and Proto-Germanic “luftuz,” both meaning “air, sky.”
We solved the puzzle in five tries today — using “plier” as the first guess, even though that’s not on any official “best Wordle starting words” list.
It pays off sometimes to mix things up rather than follow the rules, but today, “plier” didn’t turn a great first guess since it only turned one tile yellow.
 Before arriving at the answer, we checked the “boast,” “lotus,” and “lotto.” Let’s hope you solve it faster next time. Although it seems impossible, it isn’t impossible.
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