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Wordle #307 Today’s Answer: Hints, Clues, and Solution For April 22, 2022

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Wordle #307 Today’s Answer Hints, Clues, and Solution For April 22, 2022

Wordle 307 answer for April 22: Today is Earth Day! Wordle is also going green in honor of the day. But just because Wordle uses thematic colors does not mean the word is any easier. Quite the opposite. Since we have shared a lot of Wordle strategies with you over the past few days, we are sure you will be able to handle today’s Wordle on your own if you have followed them. Do not worry if you are confused. As always, here are the top 5 Wordle hints and clues to help you solve. In case you fail to get the solution, you can always scroll down to find it.

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Wordle 307 hints for April 22

CLAMP and DRINK, according to a linguistics expert, are better Wordle starting words than ADIEU. It’s because vowels don’t tell us much about the word, but a couple of consonants can reveal its full meaning. Players who don’t play the hard mode can use this strategy to eliminate letters faster and find the answer. If a starting word suggestion does not satisfy your needs, scroll down to see our Wordle clues.

Wordle 307 clues for April 22

  • Today’s word only has one vowel.
  • The word begins with P.
  • The word ends with T.
  • The vowel is A.
  • This is the main source of oxygen on our planet.

Last but not least, the answer was wrapped in a gift box. Try it out, there is nothing stopping you from winning. The Wordle 307 answer can be found further down if you cannot find it.

Wordle 307 answer for April 2022

Spoilers ahead! If you do not want the Wordle 307 answer, don’t read any further. If you’re ready to see it, then take a look.

Today’s word is PLANT. A young tree, vine, shrub, or herb that has been planted or that can be planted. The plants that resulted in our clues were planted well. I hope you found the answer.

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