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Which Sports And Games Are Popular Among Thai People



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Thai people are known all over the world to take pride and interest in sports and it has paved the way for many games and sports to be accepted in the country. The first instance of Thailand participating in any global event was in the 1952 Summer Olympic Games. Since then, the country started actively participating in sports and games & this led to Thai people actively taking part in these. Let’s have a look at some of the popular sports and games in Thailand:

Muay Thai

Muay Thai or Thai Boxing is a sport that has been very popular in Thailand. It has been passed on in the country generation after generation and it is the national sport of Thailand. It is a form of MMA or Mixed Martial Arts that unlike other sports such as boxing or karate uses a combination of punches, elbows, knees, and kicks. The unique play of this sports makes it different from the rest of the games and famous in not only Thailand but in other parts of the world

There are only two things in Thailand, either people watch Muay Thai or play it, there is no in-between, and this is the reason why Muay Thai is the most popular sport in the country. Thailand has also produced world-class Muay Thai fighters in history.


Boxing is another sport that the people of Thailand love to play and watch. Their love for Muay Thai is apparent and it is not unusual that they also like boxing which is very much similar to their national sport but is a bit different as it involves less action and is played mostly with punches.

Although Thailand is produced some of the world’s finest Muay Thai Fighters, it has also produced some of the renowned skilled boxers include Khaosai Galaxy who is a former professional boxer known for being able to defend his WBA belt 19 times in 7 years and he is also a member of the International Boxing Hall of Fame and is considered one of the all-time greats.

Card Games

Card Games are very popular in Thailand and you would find people playing all sorts of card games, be it Poker to Twenty-one, Solitaire, or any other card game. Even card games that are playable on mobile phones or PCs such as Spider Solitaire are very popular among Thai people.

The reason why card games are so popular is that you can always get to talk and socialize with other players while you are at the table, playing the game.


Another very famous sport in Thailand is Football that is not only famous in Thailand but all over the world. Football is the world’s most popular and famous sport and Thailand is no different. Thai people knew about Football from the very early 20th Century but the Thailand National Football team is relatively new to the sport but this does not mean that Thai people don’t love football, they are huge fans of football.

Thailand National Football team has 5 AFF championships and 9 senior-level gold medals in the Southeast Asian Games. The national team achieved their best world ranking in 1972 as the third-best football team in the world.

PUBG Mobile

PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE or PUBG Mobile is a free-to-play shooter battle royale video game that is the mobile version of the famous PC game, PUBG. In Thailand, PUBG Mobile gained a lot of traction in the past couple of years and people love playing this game, especially teenagers and young adults who just can’t get enough of this game.

Thailand has produced some of the world’s finest PUBG Mobile players and has competed at the global level several times. PUBG Mobile Esports Competitions are held regularly in the country.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Another esports on the list is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or CS: GO. This game is one of the most popular online first-person shooter games. You probably might have heard of this game on different social platforms and the game is relatively simple to play, players are divided into two teams, Terrorists and Counter-terrorists and they battle it out against each other. Although the game is simple to play, it requires hours of training and a developed skill set, otherwise, you won’t be able to perform.

In Thailand, CS: GO is a very popular game among Teenagers and they love to play this game on weekends and even on weekdays since the game is so fun and enjoyable to play. Plus, there are huge global CS: GO competitions held every year.




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