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What is FFXIV Heardle Like Wordle, And How to Play It?



What is FFXIV Heardle Like Wordle, And How to Play It

(CTN News) – While playing FFXIV, players can explore a beautiful world. In FFXIV Heardle, fans can put their knowledge of Final Fantasy’s music to the test.

As players embark on their adventures in FFXIV, they are transported to a stunning world filled with vibrant landscapes and engaging challenges.  Along the way, they will be guided through the game’s main questline, which follows the story of their character as they evolve into the fabled Warrior of Light and embark on a journey to protect the realm of Eorzea from dangerous foes.

In one particularly exciting questline in the city of Heardle, Final Fantasy music enthusiasts can test their knowledge of the franchise’s iconic soundtracks.

In this game, players have to listen to songs and guess the names of the songs they hear.

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What is FFXIV Heardle

With Wordle taking over the world and people’s minds, many developers are developing similar web-based games. One of these versions involves guessing the name of a song playing. A game that does this is called FFXIV Heardle, a Wordle-like game made for fans of the critically-acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy 14. All the songs you’ll guess are from this game, as its name suggests.

How to play FFXIV Heardle

When playing Wordle for the first time, players must guess the word of the day. Each player will have six chances to guess the word correctly.

There are six guesses available for Heardle users to correctly name the song. As they make a guess, they will hear more of the track. If they guess correctly, they win.

How gamers can play FFXIV Heardle

FFXIV Heardle is quite simple to play. Players will need to visit the website. There, they can read the instructions on how to play the game, which is as follows:

  • First, listen to the intro, then choose the correct song.
  • Missing or incorrect attempts unlock more of the intro.
  • Answer in as few attempts as possible and share your score!

When they have read the instructions, it is time to play. Users only need to click the play button in the center of the screen to begin a game.

Upon pressing play, they will hear a concise snippet. Following that, they will have to guess which song they think is playing. Players can either guess the song or skip the song to hear more of it but will lose points.

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