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What Are the Unique Features Of Metarun?



What Are the Unique Features Of Metarun?

While every player desires to have an incredible time playing a game, he can think about playing Metarun.

Such a kind of game is nothing but a feature-packed runner game that you can play in the multi-player or the single mode.

With the incorporation of NFTs, the entire game offers complete ownership of the assets and enables you to be a part of the ecosystem.

So, in this article, we will cover more about the unique features of the metaverse crypto game.

Offers you many unique characters Metarun

As soon as you’re about to commence the journey, you must select a character.

At that moment, you will come across the characters under certain classes.

However, if you wish to play the game aggressively, you must choose a character from the ‘Fighter Class’.

On the other hand, you can rely on the character under the ‘Sprinter Class’ if you want to avoid danger and increase speed on the track.

Consequently, you must select a character depending on the active and passive abilities. In that case, you can only activate the passive ability when you meet some conditions.

Enables you to boost the character’s strength

Once you cross a particular player, you can boost the character’s power through a booster.

While such boosters are present in different regions of the map, you can grab the booster when you cross a box. But, sometimes, you can use the booster automatically after you receive it.

Quite interestingly, Metarun offers more than boosters which the player can use for different purposes.

For instance, if you grab the ‘Ultra-Rocket’ booster, you can launch a projectile. On the contrary, if you consider the ‘Shield’ booster, you can protect yourself against the effects of numerous boosters.

Helps you to empower the character well Metarun

When you start playing Metarun, you will encounter many pets and artifacts.

As soon as you choose a particular pet, you can enhance the passive abilities with an extra ability.

However, if the player equips himself with a pet and picks up a booster, then the effect of the booster will last longer.

Later, you can also consider selecting artefacts that will grant the additional power.

To your surprise, you can also acquire special dust to create your own artifact.

But, if you wish to create a strong artifact, you must use more dust. During the game, you can also collect mana bottles that can enable you to activate your active abilities.

Aids you in earning more at different levels

Soon after you get engrossed in playing the game, you can obtain soft and hard currency on your way.

Under the list of soft currencies, you can earn GOLD, SAPPHIRE or DIAMOND. But, regarding hard currency, you can acquire OPAL, which you can exchange with Metarun native tokens.

To proceed ahead, you will have to use price oracles to exchange the in-game currency.

You can also use OPAL to upgrade the character’s level, buy visual skins upgrades and many items from the in-game store.

Apart from this, you can use OPAL to get premium NFTs from the marketplace and buy tickets for tournaments.

Besides, you can spend OPAL when you wish to re-join the race and gain an extra life.


As you start playing Metarun, one of the best p2e mobile games Metarun,  you must choose a character meticulously.

Moreover, you can pick up boosters along the track to enhance the character’s strength.

You can also choose pets and artefacts if you want an additional active or passive ability.

Apart from everything else, this P2E Metarun game offers many opportunities to earn hard and soft currencies.

But, you can earn more than your expectations only when you complete many missions or levels.

To enhance your earning potential, you can later heroes with high skin rarity and consider a higher hero league. This tip will eventually help you win the PvP battles much better.

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