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Vouch: Wordle Fans Face ‘Most Frustrating Wordle Ever’

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Due to Wordle 340, the word ‘vouch’ has caused a lot of anger and frustration among many players, as many of them have lost their streaks

Wordle 340 has stumped a number of Wordle players who are struggling to figure out the word ‘vouch’. The terms are described as the most demanding wordle they have ever worked on.

As of the latest wordle answers, the words ‘homer,’ ‘zesty,’ and ‘scour’ are all examples of slang American slang words that have angered players. Even though these words were hard for players to work out during May’s Wordle 340 challenge, players were aggravated for a different reason.  

The New York Times – the makers of the game- have once again been accused by many players of doing them ‘dirty’ considering the word ‘vouch’ is a pretty common one. Some players have complained on social media that they were sick of the game due to the ‘vouch’ word.

One player said that this was “#Wordle340 6/6* I can vouch for the fact that this has been the most frustrating wordle ever, to me.”.

Another player who failed to work out the puzzle said, “Wordle 340 X/6 WOW #wordle did me dirty again!!” “Wordle 340 X/6 WOW Wordle did me dirty again… “. Quite literally another added, “This is going to be the end of me, Wordle 340 X/6.”.

What is it about this challenge that caused players to find it so difficult? In general, it seemed that a lot of players were able to discern the letters at the end of the word, but had difficulty figuring out where the ‘v’ belonged at the beginning of the word. 

It wasn’t until the leading letter that Wordle 340 5/6 could have been a 3/6,” said one of the players.

Another player came up with the phrase “Horrid Wordle 340 X/6” after he managed to figure out all of the tiles but the first one. 

An example of this type of problem occurs when you have a word that has quite a few letters in common with several other words at the same time. Many players may have been able to guess the word at first, such as ‘couch,’ ‘pouch,’ or even ‘touch,’ before realizing that the word began with the letter ‘v,’ thus making it ‘vouch,’ or agree.


According to the Cambridge Dictionary, the word “vouch” means “to be able from your knowledge or experience to attest to the truth of a statement”. To demonstrate this further and use the term in a sentence you can say something like, “I can attest to the fact that this person has enough experience to handle the situation.” Or you could say, “I can attest to the fact that this hairdryer has the ability to cool.”

There are a number of Wordle hacks and Wordle tricks which you can search for and use to help you improve at this game and start winning again. If you struggled to solve this Wordle and you wish to improve your performance, there are several Wordle hacks that you can utilize.

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