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Today’s ‘Nerdle’ 93 April 22, 2022 Answers: Hints and Solutions



Nerdle Answer today

Please find below the answer to the Mini Nerdle, Instant Nerdle, Classic Nerdle, and Speed Nerdle equations 93, released on April 22, 2022.

Nerdle is a math version of Wordle, except instead of attempting to guess the daily word, you are required to guess the equation of the day. The game works similarly to that of a jigsaw puzzle as there are no hints as to what the equation is going to be, but once you make a guess, the color of the tiles changes to indicate whether or not you placed the numbers or symbols correctly or that they do appear in the equation.

The game’s developers are constantly innovating the game in order to improve it, and in addition, they have added to the daily puzzles the Instant and Speed Nerdles, which are both new puzzles they have developed for the game. You are able to choose from four different kinds of puzzles that are featured on the website: Mini, Classic, Instant, and Speed Nerdles.

You can find the answers to all of these every day on the Nerdlegames Twitter account, and any bonus puzzles that are tweeted there, so make sure you check back if you are having difficulty.

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What is the Mini Nerdle 93 Answer Today? (April 22, 2022)

The Mini Nerdles help you by providing all the numbers and symbols that are required in the equations. You will need to re-arrange these numbers and symbols to arrive at the answer.

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Hint For Mini Nerdle Today

The following is the complete list of numbers and symbols that are in the Mini Nerdle 93 today:

1, 1, 3, +, 8, =


The answer to the Mini Nerdle is…

8 + 3 = 11

What is the Classic Nerdle 93 Answer Today? (April 22nd, 2022)

Once again, we provide all the elements in the equation for the hint to the Classic Nerdle so that all you have to do is rearrange them to solve the equation.

Hint For Classic Nerdle Today

Here is the hint for the Classic Nerdle released today:

3, 3, 4, -, 5, =, 6, 9


The answer to the Classic Nerdle 93 is…

96 – 43 = 53

What is the Instant Nerdle Answer Today? (April 22nd, 2022)

In addition to the daily Instant Nerdle, they release a daily Instant Nerdle every day at the same time, and here is the answer to the puzzle released on April 22nd, 2022:

1 + 5 * 9 = 46

Daily Instant Nerdle Answer - 22nd April 2022
Daily Instant Nerdle Answer – 22nd April 2022

What is the Speed Nerdle Answer Today? (April 22nd, 2022)

Here is the first line of the Speed Nerdle you have been given today:

Daily Speed Nerdle - 22nd April 2022
Daily Speed Nerdle – 22nd April 2022

Here you can see that there is a 1 and 8 in the equation, but you can also see that their positions as well as the equals sign are in a different position. Additionally, you are all aware that today there is neither a 2, 6, 7 nor a multiplication sign in the Speed Nerdle answer.

On April 22nd, 2022, Speed Nerdle released an equation that would give us the answer to the following question:

15 + 43 = 58

Daily Speed Nerdle Answer - 22nd April 2022
Daily Speed Nerdle Answer – 22nd April 2022

What is the Bonus Super Pro Nerdle Answer Today? (Tweeted April 21st, 2022)

I have tweeted a bonus Super Pro Nerdle that has 11 digits and symbols you need to input for the Nerdle game that was tweeted on the Nerdle game account. The answer to this is:

40 / 5 * 3 + 2 = 26

Bonus Super Pro Nerdle Answer - Tweeted 21st April 2022
Bonus Super Pro Nerdle Answer – Tweeted 21st April 2022


It is a great accomplishment if you were able to correctly answer some or all of the Nerdle equations today. If you are a Fortnite fan, you will love our Wordle game called Fortle on our sister site, which is related to Fortnite!


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