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The Worst Casino Games Odds You Need to Avoid



The Worst Casino Games Odds You Need to Avoid

Something you probably didn’t know about casino games is that most of them, if not all are rigged. But differently from the way you are thinking. You may be among a few people who believe casino games outcomes are not random at all, but the reality is, casinos do not need any tricks or cheat formulas because their payout odds are based on a mathematical edge that is not easy to beat in the long run.

The casino always has an advantage called the house edge which can determine the best or worst odds in games. For example, if the house edge is 4.37% it means that you can lose an average of $4.37 every time you place a $100 bet on a roulette spin. Normally, the higher the house edge gets for a game, the worst the odds will get for a gambler.

Even more confusing is that several games like craps offer multiple bets, with each having its own house edge.

When playing blackjack at the table or online you will get some of the best odds at

Let‘s look at some other worst odds in casinos and why you don’t have to play them, not unless your love for casinos is bigger than money!

Keno with a house edge of 30%

Keno is played by simply picking numbers that resemble the lottery. Players have to select between 9 and 15 numbers, from a total of 80 numbers. After picking your numbers, the casino will conduct a draw of 20 balls from the 80, and you will win a prize if the numbers you picked have more matches to the numbers that the casino drew. Anyone with lottery knowledge will tell you that the house edge for the lottery is normally close to 50%. So, with a rough house edge of 30%, Keno becomes one of the casino games with the worst odds.

The Tie Bet in Casino War with a House Edge of 18.64%

This is probably one of the dumbest games you can ever play in a casino; you will not be mistaken if you describe it as a betting version for kids. It is played by comparing one card from others to see which one is higher. This game is played fast, meaning you can also lose your money at a lightning speed, because you can play multiple games in less than 1 hour.

If the dealer’s card is higher a player will lose and where the player’s card is higher the dealer will lose. If both cards tie, the player gets the option of letting go half of the bet or place a second bet where the dealer will burn 3 cards and then deals a different card with the player.

If the player loses, then he loses both bets, but if a player wins, they only win the second bet they placed, since the first one is considered a push. If a player loses, the loss will be on both bets. You are also allowed to bet that the first 2 cards will tie, but the odds for the tie is 12.5:1. If you win the tie game, your playoff odds are 10:1.

Slot Machine Casino Games Might with a House Edge of 25%

Casino games have a clearly defined house edge, but slot machines do not. There are two things you need to know about a casino game’s house edge: the prize amount and the probability of you winning Slot machines list the prize amounts for the various combinations of reels. You can also refer to it as the paytable.

Unfortunately, one thing you do not have is a high probability of winning these prizes. Winning relies on you getting any given symbol on the pay line, but probability may be anything. Random number generators or RNGs are computer programs that determine the outcome of a slot machine spin.

Programming can assign 1/10 probability to one symbol, 1/20 probability to a different one, and 1/8 probability to the rest. You could also have a completely different set of probabilities.

There are even slot machines with the same symbols and themes, but with completely different odds attached to them. Basically, the machines may look identical on the outside,

but each of them could have a house edge of 5% or 20%. This is the highest house edge you’ll find on a slot machine. However, it’s impossible to tell which slots have a higher house edge than others.

Furthermore, slots play faster than any other casino game. Even more, the Casino War plays that we mentioned are really fast. The number of bets per hour in Casino wars can reach up to 200 which is nothing near the Slot machines that typically attract over 600 bets per hour.

It’s always interesting to discuss topics such as the worst odds at the casino. But you need to know that it never matters how good or bad the odds are because the casino needs just a tiny edge to win all the money you bet with. All they want is for you to play long enough to get you. There is clearly no entertainment for your money if you can lose a lot in less than an hour. Therefore if you enjoy gambling it could be a good idea to avoid slot machines whenever possible.


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