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The Top Betting Promotions People Use Once On a Daily Basis



The Top Betting Promotions People Use Once On a Daily Basis

There are many things that you can do to diversify your betting experience, one of which is to use different promotions. Some of the biggest names in online betting will let you choose from an abundance of alternatives, some of which may not even be available on other betting websites.

Listing all of the available bonuses is impossible because you may come across hundreds of options. Nevertheless, people like some types of sports bonuses more than others, so let’s check them out.

Bonus for your first Bitcoin deposit

One of the offers that you will probably like a lot if you skim through the article where nostrabet reveals 7 types of promotions for 1xbit is the one that will give you a bonus for your first Bitcoin deposit. Although the cryptocurrency bonuses are not that popular among regular betting sites (those that don’t offer any digital currencies), they have a lot of fans among crypto fans.

Nowadays, people use different types of cryptos on a daily basis, which is why we will probably see Bitcoin deposit offers a lot more often in the future. Naturally, there are some things that you have to do before using a given Bitcoin bonus, such as learning more about the deposit requirement.

Every offer that requires a monetary transaction has a specific minimum requirement that you have to complete in order to get it.


One of the 1xbit promotions revealed by Nostrabet is called Advancebet, and it has a lot of fans. Despite having a lot of fans, most people probably won’t have access to it because it isn’t as common as the deposit promos.

Advancebet is something that lets you wager on a sports event using the amount of money you could win from your currently active bet. In other words, you “borrow” the amount and use it to wager on another sports team or player.

Users who don’t predict their original bet will also lose the one made via Advancebet. Of course, this offer usually has a lot of conditions that you should know, so take the time to go through them before you start punting.


This is one of the bonuses becoming more popular every day, especially among people who want to bet on football. Depending on which betting platform you go to, you will find loads of different TOTO Bets variations, but the classic version will let you place bets for free on certain sports events.

If you manage to predict the correct score of each match, you will get a certain reward, which is usually in the form of bonus funds.


Betting is always risky, so it is recommended to find a brand that will give you some sort of cashback. If you do that, you will have the chance to receive a portion of the money you’ve lost while betting on sports.

Remember to check the minimum cashback amount because some bookies will only give you money once you reach a certain threshold.



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