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The PUBG Mobile 2024 Tournament: Schedule, Format, And Prizes

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The PUBG Mobile 2024 Tournament: Schedule, Format, And Prizes

(CTN News) – There have been recent announcements regarding PUBG Mobile Indonesia’s plans to hold a series of esports tournaments throughout the year 2024.

The Level Infinite Indonesia Country Manager, Agung Chaniago, shared interesting information regarding the PUBGM 2024 tournament during a QnA media session in Menteng on February 19 2024.

Tournaments around the world

Four international tournaments will be held by PUBG Mobile in 2024, namely PMSL, PMGO, PMWI, and PMGC. More than 110 billion rupiah will be available as prizes in these four tournaments! In 2024, PMSL SEA (PUBG Mobile Super League Southeast Asia) will return with a new season.

A total of 24 Southeast Asian teams will participate in the Spring, Summer, and Fall seasons, including eight Indonesian teams. A total of 9.4 billion rupiah will be offered for each season.

Malaysia will host the Spring season, while Thailand will host the Summer season. Fall season information will be announced in the near future.

In 2024, PUBG introduced PMGO (PUBG Mobile Global Open), a new international tournament.

The tournament will be held in Brazil in March 2024, with a total prize pool of 7.8 billion rupiah.


PUBG Mobile World Invitational (PMWI) is a mid-year tournament that has been held regularly since 2021.

The PMWI will be held in Saudi Arabia in conjunction with the Esports World Cup in 2024. There were a total of 47 billion rupiahs in prizes available in this tournament.

For the fourth consecutive year, PMGC (PUBG Mobile Global Championship) will be held as the highest caste PUBG Mobile tournament.

We will determine which PUBG team is the best in the world by participating in this tournament. In addition to the UAE, Indonesia, and Turkey, this year’s PMGC will be held in the United Kingdom. There were a total of 47 billion rupiahs in prizes available.

Tournament of Nations

PUBG Mobile will also hold a number of tournaments at a national level in addition to its international tournaments. The national tournament provides amateur and semi-professional teams with the opportunity to advance to the professional level.

PUBG Mobile National Championship

In the PMNC (PUBG Mobile National Championship), teams will be able to ‘upgrade’ from amateur and semi-professional levels to professional levels. The PMNC ID will be held in December 2024, and one Indonesian team will be selected to participate in PMSL SEA for the next three years.

This tournament is open to the public and is available to all players of PUBG in Indonesia. Teams that have achieved success at the PMCS, PMCT, and PMCC tournaments are entitled to special pathways.


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