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Tekken 8: Marshal Law Gameplay Trailer Revealed



Tekken 8: Marshal Law Gameplay Trailer Revealed

(CTN NEWS) – The new Tekken 8 Marshall Law gameplay trailer, revealing his updated look, moves, and more, was just released by Bandai Namco Entertainment.

The most recent gameplay clip focuses on the Tekken franchise’s veteran character, who draws inspiration from Bruce Lee, one of the greatest martial arts actors in history.

Marshall Law’s most recent incarnation isn’t all that different from his previous one from Tekken 7, but he now has a more rough appearance.

Marshal Law Gameplay Trailer

Also, all of the characters in Tekken 8 are more emotive than they were in Tekken 7, which is a significant improvement.

This time, Law uses his nunchucks, which give him an edge with long range and allow for additional attack combinations.

Also, he is up against Paul Phoenix, who was shown off in a previous gameplay trailer. Only a few of his attacks are new, while the majority remain unchanged from the prior title. It demonstrates Law’s fighting skill as well.


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