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Super Mario World (USA) Copy Developed and Released

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Super Mario World (USA) Copy Developed and Released

Super Mario World

Video game preservation site Fans of Nintendo are in for a pleasant surprise at Forest of Illusion, as the site has not only displayed a prototype for Super Mario World (USA) but has also made it available for fans to play and enjoy.

This is an exciting development. The prototype dates back to the 25th of October, 1990, before the legendary Super Nintendo game became available in stores all around the United States.

United States version of Super Mario World

In the United States version of Super Mario World, there are various alterations to the dialogue and graphic modifications, and several additional debugging capabilities are present.

Because it is a prototype for localization, there are many debugging possibilities for you to experiment with. For instance, you can navigate Mario about the map and select which level to play;

Mario cannot die, so you do not need to worry about running out of 1Ups. You can also select any power-up you want to utilize at any moment in the game.

You can get additional information on Super Mario World (USA) at the link provided below and in the video.


  • The sign at Yoshi’s House has different shading and lettering.
  • The text box font is much slimmer than the retail version.
  • Numerous script differences.
  • Donut Plains 2, Donut Secret House, and “Funky” match the Japanese version.
  • Star Road stages lead to various test stages.
  • Mario will not die upon the timer running out.
  • Various debugging features are enabled.
  • In the staff role, Boo Buddies and Big Boo are called Boo Diddly and Boo Jackson.
  • Font graphics from an early version of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past can be found.

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