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Soul Hackers 2 Steam Deck Is Freezing And Crashing Now



Soul Hackers 2 Steam Deck Is Freezing And Crashing Now

(CTN News) – The loading screen of Soul Hackers 2 crashes or freezes for Steam Deck users. In case you’re one of these users, read on for a workaround.

When you try to play it,

Soul Hackers 2 freezes and crashes when you try to play it, so the solution to this problem is fairly simple, since it doesn’t require any tinkering with the game files to get it to work again.

How To Fix Soul Hackers 2 Freezing & Crashes

Follow these steps to fix Soul Hackers 2 crashing and freezing.

  1. Make sure your Steam Deck is connected to the internet
  2. Do not change the resolution from the default setting
  3. If you did change the resolution or are experiencing issues regardless, close the game and switch over to Proton Experimental
  4. Boot up the game again
  5. If you find no music playing during battles, restart the game once again

Taking place in the 21st century and depicting a war between two opposing factions of Devil Summoners, the Yatagarasu and Phantom Society,

Soul Hackers 2 puts players into the shoes of a Devil Summoner in the 21st century.

In an effort to prevent a catastrophic event that they foresee will end humanity, Ringo and Figue venture into the world of humans from their birthplace in the data stream.

In Soul Hackers 2, the battle system is based on the Press Turn system found in the mainline Shin Megami Tensei games.

Battles in other Megami Tensei games involve a party of four characters and their elemental affinities.

As characters alternate turns, they use physical attacks and magic skills to conjure demons to perform elemental attacks.

Once the player exploits an enemy’s weakness to a specific Skill, they can use the Skill “Sabbath,” which deals massive damage to everyone in the party.

Are Soul Hackers 1 and 2 connected?

What console is Soul Hackers on?

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