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Sifu Tips: 5 Tips For Beginners Should know

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One of the most surprising things about Sifu is its high difficulty level. Early players and critics have said that in order to master the game, you’ll need to master every aspect of it.
It won’t be easy, though. Sifu takes time, work, effort, and a keen eye for how things work. We’ve compiled ten lessons you’re going to need to learn as soon as possible to get you started. Below are some beginner tips for Sifu.
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Sifu: Tip 1| Detective Boards Are All Linked

Detective Board is one of the mechanics you’ll be introduced to very soon in Sifu. During a level, this board acts as a menu where you can gather all the evidence and information you find. Items that you pick up will show up here, including keys to help you open shortcuts and little hints on how to beat bosses.

You’ll be given a tally of how many items are in each level and you’ll be given a trophy if you find them all. Although your first instinct will be to comb levels over for the last few collectibles, you should know that all of the Detective Boards are connected and that the later levels will provide items you can use in the earlier ones to find them. You can’t find all of the collectibles in the first level until you finish the first.

Sifu: Tip 2|Remember To Use Your Grabs

When you press square and cross at the same time, you will be able to grab after parrying an enemy. Your character will push any enemy you’re parrying in the direction you are aiming. Moves like this can be used to move enemies around the battlefield, but they also serve another purpose.

Grabs are used to throw enemies from heights. Both you and your enemies are extremely prone to tripping, even from a small balcony or down some stairs. Most levels have areas where you can throw enemies, so if you want to take care of enemies quickly, try throwing them around a bit.

Sifu: Tip 3| Dodging Is Equally As Important As Parrying

If you are new to Sifu, you might think that parrying and blocking are the key to defeating your opponents. It’s true, but dodging is just as important. As you hold the block button, move in the opposite direction of your enemy’s attack to dodge. You will see a shimmer around your enemy if you do it at the right time so that you can perform a combo on them.

The bosses in Sifu are much weaker against your dodging and combos than they are against their parrying and blocking to break down their structure meter. Often, throwing off your opponent is the better move than allowing them to attack you.

Sifu: Tip 4| Avoid Creating Harder Enemies By Not Using Takedowns

Sifu’s takedown, which involves breaking down someone’s structure, is one of the most powerful moves. The downside is that they can occasionally make enemies way stronger if you perform one on them, raising their health back to full and making them much more aggressive.

To avoid this, do not use takedowns on your enemy and simply keep attacking them until their health is completely depleted. Although it’s a little slower, it’s much safer than creating harder foes.

Sifu: Tip 5| Grind The First Level To Get Used To How Things Work

As you play through the first level of Sifu, you’ll find things very challenging. It is, however, the easiest level to complete. Because of this, you will need to grind through it a few times to get used to how parrying, dodging, blocking, and experience work.

You’ll get even better advice when you begin the second level, The Club. It really ramps up here, with harder enemies, a harder boss, and a much longer period before you get a keycard. If the going gets tough, go back to level one and brush up on your fundamentals.

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