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Quordle Today Answers And Clues For Sunday, May 29



How Quordle looks in action. NURPHOTO VIA GETTY IMAGES

The time has come to get a little back and forth with the ol’ brain matter by playing the Quordle. Those of you who require some assistance, however, I have some clues as well as the answers to help you.

Here’s what you need to know about playing Quordle if you’re a first-timer. The contest has four words with five letters to guess, and you have nine chances to guess all of them. However, you will have to guess all four words at the same time.

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Your letters will always be lit up in green when they are in the right place. The color of the letters will appear yellow if the wrong letter is in the wrong spot within the word. In addition to seeing whether a particular letter appears in the words after you have used it in a guess, green and yellow markers will also assist you in the process. The game is actually quite simple. It doesn’t take long to pick it up.

Nonetheless, if you have run out of ideas, just let me know and I will help you out. I will give you a few hints for today’s quest:

The Quordle Clues for May 29th

  1. Today, the consonant S is the most common one
  2. Double letters are found in at least one word
  3. from the Word 1 clue (top left) – something a Brit would do
  4. the Word 2 clue (top right) – grind teeth when angry
  5. and the Word 3 clue (bottom left) – loop
  6. (bottom right) Word 4 clue – something you do every day
  7. with letters L, G, S, and E

Have trouble finding today’s Quordle word? Try these answers:

Today’s Quordle Answers

GLASH, SWOOP, LORRY, and EXIST are today’s Quordle answers.

This morning’s word is double-letter. Yikes! Double-letter words are notoriously tricky. The word gnash is also not very common. Whatever the case may be, I hope these clues and answers helped keep your streak going.

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