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Quantum Break 2: Shawn Ashmore Wants It



Quantum Break 2: Shawn Ashmore Wants It

(CTN News) – Before Sea of Thieves came along in 2018, Quantum Break was the best-selling game from Xbox Studios (at the time, Microsoft Studios).

It had bleeding-edge graphics and a cool time manipulation mechanic that let you see those graphics in slow motion–or speed them up, or even freeze them in place–while you observed them in slow motion.

Remedy Entertainment has also signed actor Shawn Ashmore to play the role of Jack Joyce. Jack Joyce gains the ability to manipulate time as a result of a failed science experiment. He experiences this in the movie.

Ashmore thinks that Remedy should give Quantum Break another go. This is because it has moved on to make sequels to Alan Wake and Control since Quantum Break.

Ashmore would like Remedy to give Quantum Break another try. As a response to a tweet from fans, Ashmore responded by saying, “I say” to the possibility of a sequel.

Ashmore was not only responsible for voicing Jack in the game, but he lent his likeness to the character as well, and even appeared as Jack in the in-game TV series that ran between episodes of the game.

A number of extended cutscenes were devoted to the story of the game’s antagonist, Paul Serene (played by Aidan Gillen) who also gained time powers from the failed science experiment, although he also received a lethal dose of “chronon radiation” which allowed him to also see into the future.

There are five episodes that reveal Serene was working towards preventing the “end of time,” an apocalyptic event that would destroy the universe if it happened.

The idea of an expansive cinematic scope is something few games have even attempted since Quantum Break. However, it is likely to be of particular interest to someone like Ashmore, who is an established actor.

I regret to say that Remedy seems unlikely to release Quantum Break anytime soon.

This is because the company is currently working on Alan Wake 2 as well as two Control games, codenamed Condor and Heron, which are both in the development stages.

Despite the fact that Heron is still in its concept phase as of last October, Condor is set to be a cooperative PvE game in some way.

A franchise Microsoft does intend to resurrect is Fable, which was confirmed back in 2020 as a possible future franchise.

Due to the lack of updates on the project since then, fans have decided to cast their votes online for their wish list of features they would like to see included.


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