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PUBG Mobile 2.6 Update: Royal Pass For Month 23



PUBG Mobile 2.6 Update: Royal Pass For Month 23

(CTN News) – A battle royal video game known as PUBG Mobile, released by Tencent Games five years ago, has become one of the most popular video games on mobile platforms.

It has been continuously updated since it was released.

It is the purpose of all the frequent updates behind the game that ensures better player engagement as well as maintains the feeling of being able to try out something new every now and then.

The new 2.6 beta version update of PUBG Mobile is being rolled out with PUBG Mobile’s latest update, which is available now in PUBG Mobile.

It is going to be a dinosaur-themed mode in PUBG Mobile’s upcoming 2.6 update, which beta servers are actually live right now.

In the upcoming update, you will be able to take part in several dinosaur-themed activities. The game will have simplistic, yet captivating features that will keep all the Jurassic Park fans hooked, but it will also engage the many fans of PUBG Mobile, who are also big Jurassic Park fans.

Passes for PUBG Mobile Royale Month 23 are now available

As part of the 2.6 beta update, a new season of Royale Pass Month 23 will be introduced, which will feature more rewards, easier RP missions, and awesome items which will be unlocked as a result of this.

Below you will find a list of some of the rewards that can be obtained from the M23 Royale Pass:

There is a legendary outfit that represents the M23 theme in RP 1

The helmet is based on the M23 theme from RP 10

M23 theme emote (free) and themed ornament are available in RP 15

Dashing Bike skin for RP 30 and Mythic emote for level 30

The Legendary Female Outfit is rated RP 50 in the game

There will be Dino Settlements on Erangel’s map in the newest version of the PUBG Mobile game. There will be three Dino Settlements, each of which has high-level loot and exclusive firearms that are available via airdrop.

There are a number of other housing options scattered around the Primal Zone as well as several other housings that will be added to the latest version of the game.

The next thing that PUBG fans should look forward to is the fully automatic mode, where they will be able to use machine guns like the AR-15, the M16A4, as well as the MK47-Mutant as well as other weapons that are in the game.

Not only this, but with the 2.6 update, the players will also be able to switch between a variety of perspectives of their companions.

There will be an Android version and an iOS version of the latest version available for users to download.


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