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Pokemon Go Player Shows Off Shiny Haul At The Teddiursa Community Day



Pokemon Go Shows Off Teddiursa Community Day Shiny haul

(CTN NEWS) – On Teddiursa Community Day, a Pokemon Go player showed off an incredible Shiny collection that included 23 Shiny Teddiursa and 1 Shiny Ursaluna. Even Niantic commented on the player’s incredible collection.

Pokemon Go Community Days are the ideal time to grind for Shinies. The chances of finding Shiny Pokémon are far better than in mainline games.

Most can be transferred to Pokemon HOME and used in other games, even if only the featured Pokemon species has a higher chance of appearing in its alternate colour.

Even though capturing Shinies on Community Days is fun, not all featured species are well-liked. Many people have been perplexed and disappointed by previous Community Days for Roggenrola, Alolan Geodude, and Starly.

The Galarian Zigzagoon, Deino, and Dratini alternatives, however, have proven to be more popular and provide Pokemon enthusiasts with a higher Shiny rate.

In addition to the current Greedy Gluttons event in Pokemon Go, the November Community Day event will provide players the chance to catch the cuddly bear Pokemon Teddiursa.

Despite its awful colouring Shiny, Teddiursa is beloved by many fans for its strong evolutions, Ursaring and Ursaluna.

Player of Pokemon Go Captures 24 Shiny Pokemon.

The Pokemon Go user shows off a fantastic Shiny harvest at the Teddiursa Community Day in a recent tweet shared by Roseblood894.

While getting many Shinies during an event with increased odds is typical, getting two dozen is unquestionably a feat. The pictures display one silver and brown Ursaluna and 23 green Teddiursa.

It is unclear if the Ursaluna originated from a different Shiny Teddiursa or was caught during the Community Day research.

Developer Niantic acknowledged the Pokemon Go fan’s achievement in a comment that featured a starstruck emoji.

As Community Day gets underway in other areas of the world, let’s hope that other players will be equally fortunate and get the chance to add both Teddiursa’s teddy bear-coloured and Shiny green forms to their Pokedex collections.


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