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Online vs. Offline Casinos: Payouts, RTPs and Experience



Online vs. Offline Casinos Payouts, RTPs and Experience

Since the COVID-19 pandemic spurred the online casino industry, they have become highly competitive with traditional brick-and-mortar casinos.

Let’s compare online casinos and offline casinos in terms of important indicators such as RTP, payouts and experience.

Offline casino

An important advantage of land-based casinos is the atmosphere and the absence of the risk of a hacker attack on your current account.

Entering a traditional casino, the player immediately finds themselves among like-minded people, spurred on by excitement.

The ‘one-armed bandits ‘ ring, the ball knocks on the roulette cells, the dealer claims ‘Bets are made. No more bets’ and everything around is literally saturated with fun.

You are in a beautiful outfit in the company of your friends having a great time, treating yourself to delicious food and free drinks.

You win and receive your winnings in cash immediately. Excellent! You can return home or go to have fun in another place.

But, if the win is large, then it may be uncomfortable to walk with pockets full of money, because no one has canceled pickpockets who are looking at the most successful players.

As for RTP, there is no advantage here. And it doesn’t matter in which country of the world you play: China, USA, Monaco, Canada and so on.

Let’s take Canada for example: even the best offline casinos here have low RTP compared to slots in the best Canadian online casinos, because this is the ‘House Edge’ policy in land-based casinos. With a lower RTP, the chances of a pleasant win also decrease.

Online casino

The first advantage of an online casino is its availability from anywhere in the world. Due to the pandemic, a real gaming revolution took place in the iGaming industry, when gamblers one day didn’t need to travel somewhere far to place a bet.

Today, with the proliferation of smartphones and other mobile devices, it’s possible to place a bet from anywhere, even standing at the counter in a store or bored in a traffic jam.

The player doesn’t need to go to the casino, the casino will come to them.

Also, an important point in favor of online casinos is that online casinos allow the player to quickly switch from one gambling platform to another, if they have such a desire.

For example, a player feels that in some online casino today the game doesn’t meet their expectations. It’s enough for them to open a new tab on their device and enter the name of another operator into the search box.

Agree: a matter of seconds compared to moving between land-based casinos.

When it comes to payouts, online casinos give players the option of cashing out bonuses. And besides, operators compete with each other for the attention of the player, so online casinos always have welcome and regular bonuses for players.

Of course, winnings can be subjected to a hacker attack, but again, operators strive to provide players with maximum protection of their money in a competitive struggle, so they use all new technologies for secure transactions between casinos and gamblers.

Agree, none of the offline casino employees will accompany you home if you have won a large amount of cash.

And finally, about RTP. In online slots it is higher than in traditional ‘one-armed bandits’. This is the ‘House Edge’ policy of online casinos.

In conclusion

Choosing between online and offline casinos can be difficult. Someone visits such establishments for the sake of impressions of live interaction with like-minded people and dealers.

Someone likes to get a boost of energy without leaving home. In any case, both of these options are comfortable in their own way, and the choice is always yours!

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