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MMORPG Games: What Type Of MMO Player Are You?

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The wonderful thing about an MMO player is that they gather all sorts of MMORG people from all over the world and put them together in the same digital space to interact with each other, bridging a gap that would be insurmountable on the days before the internet.

Now, as it tends to happen when loads of different people start playing a game, you start to see the many ways in which their personality affects their “style”.

So, if we do as humans tend to do and make use of our good old pattern recognition skills, we can start to lay out a few different MMO player types that crowd online worlds from Azeroth to New Eden.

The Farmer MMO Player

Grinding is a core experience for any MMORPG, but where most people kill mobs for a little while before getting bored and going to the next area to find new challenges and experiences, the farmer plants his roots and starts digging.

It doesn’t matter the drop rate, the time, or even how useful the item he’s hunting for really is, the farmer is the type of player that won’t leave a zone until every rare weapon, armor, mount or crafting ingredient has been found.

Farmers tend to be either over-achievers that like to take pride on the effort it takes to get the rarest items in the game, or even have financial reasons as some of such items fetch a good price on sites like Eldorado.

The Millionaire MMO Player

Much like in real MMORPG millionaires tend to be a product of either luck or industriousness, sometimes of both at the same time, either way their main trait is the fact that be it gold, gil or credit, they are rolling in the dough.

Millionaires tend to flaunt their wealth in different ways, maybe they go around in the most expensive gear on the marketplace, maybe their player home is filled to the brim with the most outlandish decor, either way, they like to see other players foaming with envy.

The Gladiator MMO Player

What is best in life?

If your answer was “to crush your enemies, see them driven before you and hear the lamentation of their women”, you might be a gladiator… or just a Conan fan, which is cool too.

But, as the name suggests, gladiators are only interested in three things:

  1. Fighting
  2. Winning
  3. See Options A and B

Nothing is more satisfying to a gladiator than the rush of combat followed by the exhilarating joy of victory, a sentiment that will have them flock in the hundreds to the PVP arenas, and not leave until they’ve had their bloodlust quenched.


What’s so awesome about MMORPG is how you are presented to these massive online worlds filled characters, history and thousands of other players and then given the freedom to be whoever you like.

You want to go out exploring for new sights, fight new enemies, meet new people? You can. Or maybe you’d like to settle down, work on a craft and master the world’s economy? You can do that too. The world is yours.

So, what kind of player are you? When you play an MMO are you looking for wealth, fame or power? Tell us in the comments!

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