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Minecraft Mob Vote 2022 Times And Choices



Minecraft Mob Vote 2022 Times And Choices

(CTN News) – The yearly mob vote is not unfamiliar to Minecraft fans. It’s back to Mojang’s popular sandbox building game once again, and things are already heating up.

Every year, Minecraft fans get to choose a new mob. Maybe it’s a new monster, villager, or something else.

There’s no doubt things get rowdy when fans all over the world weigh in on the latest choices, but this is a democratic election, and the people will speak their minds on Saturday, October 15. It’s just about 24 hours until an official decision is made about the new mob.

Voting has changed quite a bit this year. It’s a simpler process this time, but it won’t be familiar to everyone. While you can’t vote on Twitter, you can make your voice heard in multiple places.

Don’t know how to vote for your favorite new Minecraft mob? What mobs are up for consideration? We’ll tell you exactly what to expect from the 2022 Minecraft Mob Vote.

Here’s how to vote for the 2022 Minecraft Mob

When it comes to voting for the next mob, you have three options. You can do it on the Minecraft website, in the Minecraft launcher, or in a special map in Bedrock Edition.

Just go to… and log in with your Microsoft account tied to your game account to vote. You can choose a mob there.

It’s the simplest way to vote without having to go in-game, and will likely be the easiest way to make sure you can get your friends in on the cause if it’s important to them, too.

You have three Minecraft mob choices to vote for this year:

  • Rascal: Mine-dwelling mobs that love to play hide and seek and offer prizes in return for solving their clues three times in a row.

  • Sniffer: These creatures are actually extinct, but that won’t keep them from coming to Minecraft! They can help seek ancient seeds hidden in the ground and dig them up for you to plant, and even eventually become much larger creatures.

  • Tuff Golem: This adorable golem can hold items, walk around your base, and even carry items for you. You can customize their cloaks, too.


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