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Learning the Top Ways to Easily Win at Texas Holdem Poker

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Learning the Top Ways to Easily Win at Texas Holdem Poker

A poker game like Texas Holdem is a volatile mixture of strategy, wisdom, and luck. Of course, luck is a determinant factor but a superior strategy is bound to win over time. After all, you must play the cards and the players. Read this article by our resident expert Jørgen Aasgen if you want to know more about poker strategy. Mr. Aasgen writes reviews and related content for the Norwegian Casino website.

Playing the Player

When you’re playing live poker and seeing your opponents, you can “read” them much quicker. You can watch for facial expressions and ‘tells’ and find patterns for them along with the game. If you’re playing online poker, the betting patterns and the showdown is all the information you can get.

Poker 101

Never neglect the obvious. You must build a solid knowledge of rules and strategies if you’re serious about winning at poker. After that, you can move onto more complex subjects, like odds calculation and sophisticated techniques. Poker requires practice to reach perfection. It means you also need good long-term planning. Then, look for the norsk casino online in Norway to try your skills.

Texas Hold’Em Strategy Tips

In this section, you can find some quick tips to increase your win poker ways, from beginning to advanced.

Know Your Hand

It doesn’t get more basic than this. You must know the hierarchy of hands and which beats which. Only then you can work on an effective strategy line. The same goes for basic vocabulary and jargon, such as pot odds, position, blinds, and so on.

Know Your Enemies

Once you’ve done the homework, it’s time to learn more complex concepts. Profiling your opponents is a crucial part of any winning strategy. Your opponents will most likely fall into one out of four categories. Here’s a brief description of them:

  • Loose-aggressive type: This kind of player bluffs a lot. They also stir things up on the table with raises and bets. Because of that, they tend to assume that everyone on the table is bluffing too.
  • Tight-aggressive type: Those players tend to bluff less. Usually, they bet when they think they can win. Because they’re aggressive, they’ll be betting and raising more often than calling.
  • Loose-passive type: This profile is more prone to calling than betting or raising. Those players are less likely to fold because they go with the flow, so mind your bluffs.
  • Super tight knit type: This type always plays extra safe. All this kind of player only cares about staying in the game, so they’ll fold a lot. If they start betting all of a sudden, watch out.

Never Miss a Showdown

The outcome of your opponent’s strategy is laid bare in the showdown. With attention and expertise, you can tell the method your opponent applied to get there. It’ll give you precious information for the next rounds.

Online Poker in Norway

Norwegians have loved poker since the time they only could play it in land-based casinos. Back in the ’90s, with the rise of online casinos, online poker became a fever in Norway. Finally, Norway-based players could play for real money against other players around the world.

In 2013, the Norwegian government cracked down on unlicensed online casinos. It doesn’t mean that online gambling was banned. Online casinos and poker platforms can still provide services to Norwegian citizens. Only now they must hold the appropriate government license.

Those restrictions established a secure and fair environment for local online players. While rogue and unlicensed online casinos were ruled out, Norwegian players were still left with several options. Nowadays, there are more than 30 websites providing poker games legally.

The current diversity of online casinos and poker platforms justify rankings for the best casino in Norway. There are also many specialists dedicated to writing about this popular subject.

Mobile Poker on the Rise

Mobile poker, or mobile casino, are natural developments of their online (PC) versions. Mobile technology has developed enormously over the past few years, and mobiles casinos are catching up with it. The same legal restrictions apply here: only licensed platforms are allowed.


Despite legal restrictions, players can still enjoy a wide variety of online casinos and poker platforms in Norway. Practice perfects your poker skills, and you won’t run out of safe websites at which to play. Play responsibly and have fun!