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Is eSports Betting Relevant in 2021?



ESports Betting

The possibilities of the Internet in 2021 are nearly endless. Anyone can find hundreds of ways to make money online, and compared to them, esports betting doesn’t seem that profitable. So, is it worth the time you need to spend on it to earn some cash? It is, but you must know where to cut corners. For instance, instead of wasting months learning cricket or football statistics of dozens of teams, you can take a shorter route and begin betting on eSports. Let’s find out what you need for this and what the best online eSports betting websites are.

Is eSports Betting Relevant in 2021?

The Relevance of ESports

ESports is a team and individual computer game competition. The popularity of this sport is growing at an incredible pace, and the number of disciplines, gamers, spectators, and the industry itself is increasing.

Developers regularly release new items, continuously upgrading those that have already seen the light of day. Among the most popular games, today are CS: GO, Dota2, and League of Legends.

Together with large companies and sponsors, they create dozens of tournaments for the most popular games, in which teams from different parts of the world participate. In 2019, a record amount of the prize pool was set. In the Dota 2 discipline, 18 teams fought for a fabulous $34 million.

In dozens of countries, including the United States of America, China, Germany, Ukraine, South Korea electronic gaming is an officially recognized type of sports competition.

Where to Bet on eSports

Most platforms work with classic esports tournaments such as SLTV Starseries, Starladder, etc. These are the largest and most important events in the world of computer games. Although there are those bookmakers that allow you to bet on less significant events.

So far, the downside to eSports betting is that there aren’t as many games featured as eSports fans would like. It is hoped that in the future the lineup will expand and fans of computer games will be able to bet on more sports.

Esports includes dozens of competitions across a wide variety of video games. Esports matches are used in games of various genres, including shooters, strategy, fighting games, sports simulations, racing, etc. The best sites for eSports betting are Parimatch, 22Bet, Bet365, Casumo, Puntt, Thunderpick, and others.

The Parimatch bookmaker accepts bets on e-sports in 7 disciplines, including CS: GO, Dota 2, LoL, as well as Overwatch, and Hearthstone. Confident players can make a long-term prediction, try to determine the winner of the championships of the esports gaming season.

In the very best esports, almost all tournaments are given from majors to minors and qualifying leagues of the TIR 3 level. The live section is also full of all the events that are currently being broadcast.

Esports Betting Line

As a rule, the following types of bets are available to players:

  • Outcomes (1×2). The classic “money line”, which makes it possible to make a bet on a team’s victory or a draw.
  • Results of rounds or maps. By analogy with the lines for the outcome of a particular half in football or a period in hockey, in esports events, players have access to bets on the results of rounds and maps.
  • Totals and Handicaps. Along these lines, bettors can bet on the total number of rounds and/or the duration of the game, as well as on the winner of the match with a handicap.

Extended lanes in popular disciplines can include betting on team and player statistics, long-term bets on tournament results, as well as specific markets on certain aspects of the game – for example, destroying a tower or barrack in Dota 2 or killing with a knife in CS: GO.



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