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Is Attack on Titan Coming to Fortnite? Leaks, Rumors, And More

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(CTN News) – For months, players have been waiting for an Attack on Titan collaboration after tons of Fortnite collaborations. Thanks to some new leaks, Fortnite players have renewed hope AOT skins will be coming soon.

Over the past few years, Fortnite has collaborated with some of the biggest names in movies, TV, video games, and sports, and the amount of work Epic puts into their metaverse only continues to grow.

This month alone, we’ve seen numerous characters enter the Fortnite world, including Mary Jane Watson, two Assassin’s Creed characters, Doctor Strange and The Prowler, and most recently, Moon Knight.

More Wu-Tang Clan skins will be added in two days’ time, but with more than six weeks left in the current season, more is yet to come.

Call of Duty has had a crossover with Attack on Titan, with skin and armored Titan outfits available for sale in the Call of Duty store. Epic Games can do better than Activision in Fortnite if they are able to pull off Attack on Titan.

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Is AOT (Attack on Titan) Coming to Fortnite?

As part of the latest patch update, version 20.20, released this week on Tuesday, popular data miner ShiinaBR leaked a new background for the item shop for encrypted skins with the codename “Rumble”.

The color scheme and cel-shaded style of the leaked background are similar to Attack on Titan’s logo and credits, which has led to new excitement over Attack on Titan Fortnite skins.

Rumble’s codename caught fans’ attention since many linked it to the Reuben from Attack on Titan, which is a major earth-shaking event. Researchers also found that a male and female outfit would be part of this ‘rumble’ set, which led to popular Fortnite YouTuber, I Talk, asking for an Eren and Mikasa skin.

There is speculation that this will be a Persona-5 collaboration, but regardless, it looks as if we could be in for more solid collaborations. Although this isn’t an Attack on Titan collaboration, it seems safe to assume that at some point in the future AOT will be coming to Fortnite.

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