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How to Maintain a Healthy Balance Between Video Games and Studying

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Healthy Balance Between Video Games

Since I can remember, video games have played a significant role in my life. I still remember the day I received my first video gaming system, a Gameboy Pocket loaded with the Pokemon Blue game.

Because of that initial encounter, I developed an intense interest in video games and became addicted to them for hours on end, which continues to this day.

I didn’t have any problems with my addiction when I was younger (besides some social shyness and a lack of female friends). Still, as I realized that I needed to be more productive with my time, I began to feel terrible after spending the whole day playing Skyrim (and other video games).

Video games became useless and disposable for me as a result of the pressure I felt to be more efficient with my time, along with a general sense of mindlessness.

As a result, I quit playing video games…

And so, I began over…

And suddenly, I came to a complete halt… Finally, there were enough instances of this battle for me to reach a conclusion.

Videogames are here to stay for the foreseeable future. Instead of spending the whole day gaming and feeling terrible afterwards, I can figure out a way to include gaming in a more productive workday. I went with the second option.

Here’s how I went about it. First, of course, I employed the help of an essay writer free to help me with my studying and get some of that free time in my schedule.

Healthy Balance Between Video Games

Accept the Waste of Time as a Part of Life

You will not be able to generate anything while playing video games unless you participate in eSports or make gaming videos for YouTube on a full-time basis.

You may still learn from them and get meaning from them, but let’s face it, the purpose here is to relax and be amused rather than learn anything. Do you agree with this statement?

What motivates you to play games? Is it for enjoyment, or is it for money and celebrity?

When we think of gaming as something that is not constructive, it becomes much simpler to judge whether or not you should be playing games. I use the word deliberately since the vast majority of these everyday choices are generally taken on autopilot. The lack of drive and the possibility of work barriers might set off the gaming habit, and before you realize it, an entire day has gone by with no genuine accomplishments to show for it.

However, you may be wondering: “Shouldn’t I eliminate any activities that aren’t conducive to productivity?”

This is something I’ve attempted previously. I’ve uninstalled Steam from my PC and declared all gaming to be prohibited in my life. Actually, it worked for a short period of time.

But suddenly… as if it were the stillness before the storm… I was back in the gaming world with a vengeance!

Activities such as gaming must be seen as vital breaks from everyday life. We need a period of time when we do not think about our concerns and are removed from the actual world. For some individuals, this would include watching television or doing drugs (which might swiftly increase), but for us, it’s gaming.

It’s the same as having a cheat day when on a weight-loss plan. A day of eating anything you want can help alleviate any cravings you may be experiencing for a long time.

Gaming is classified as a non-essential and non-urgent activity (learn more about this concept here). Therefore, these actions should be maintained to a bare minimum to avoid confusion.

To a bare minimum. However, it has not been totally abolished.

We must pull ourselves together and keep track of how much time we spend engaging in such activities daily.

You’d want to spend the whole day playing League of Legends, right? But what if you also want to be successful in your current position? Simply choose the most crucial one, after which you may treat yourself to ten Penta kills. Still, if the urge to play is too much, you can always give professionals some of the more difficult tasks at

The most important thing is that gaming should be used as a reward. Getting rid of it completely creates a vacuum that will eventually collapse in the form of excessive gaming.

Healthy Balance Between Video Games

Preparing for the Non-Productive

Parkinson’s Law has been discussed in the past on this site. Essentially, it states that the amount of time required to perform a job will increase in proportion to the amount of time available.

As a result, if you don’t specify how long a job should take, you will never be able to complete it. Any gamer will recognize this as a familiar sound. As an illustration: – “All right. “I’m going to play a few matches.”

Six matches later… – “Well, I’m not going to do anything constructive for the time being.” It’s probably best if you play more. #noregrets

The regrets only come when I’m lying in bed, and I get the impression that I have spent the whole day and have accomplished nothing in the actual world. #wasted

Prevent yourself from falling into the trap of beginning an unproductive activity without first determining how long it will persist.

While playing League of Legends, my decision-making process was as follows:

Determine how long you plan to spend playing before you begin. Some games, such as DoTa or League of Legends, should be prepared according to the number of matches you want to participate in.

I like to restrict my gaming sessions to a maximum of two hours in length, if possible (maximum two matches if the game is match-based).

This length of time gives me the impression that I have spent sufficient time in the game to enjoy it and not spent the whole day playing.

Experiment with other gaming windows to find the one that works best for you, but it should be somewhere near the one I advised.

Please do not write me letters stating that you failed all of your tests because your gaming window was just 8 hours long… Instead, take responsibility for your actions.

You Need to Strike a Perfect Balance

You cannon completely turn away from gaming, just like you cannot completely forgo your daily responsibilities. It’s all about finding a balance to satisfy your gamer needs and study well enough. If you’re seeing your academic performance drop and need a summary response essay example, remember that you always have the possibility of accessing a summary response essay example to deal with all the pressing academic matters.



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