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How Play Quordle to win? Best Wordle Alternatives



How Quordle looks in action. NURPHOTO VIA GETTY IMAGES

Quordle: Thousands of people around the world compete for the best score by guessing letters to correctly identify the five-letter words in six guesses in Wordle, the daily word game that has taken over social media.  

As a result, it has been purchased by the New York Times and has won over legions of avid players looking to improve their skills.

As a result of Wordle, people from all walks of life have been brought together—sometimes in bad ways.

Caulk is a tricky word that leaves fans furious when the answer to the daily riddle is given.   

Quordle could be the perfect solution to people’s appetite for Quordle.

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Using Wordle as a basis, Quordle intensifies the concept.

According to some, it’s like “wordle on steroids” since you can solve four five-letter words at once instead of just one.

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Quordle offers more ways to play than Wordle, which offers only the daily challenge.

Everyone can compete against the Daily Quordle, which is a set of puzzles that replicate the daily Wordle.

In Quordle, users have the option to play an unlimited number of times, whereas Wordle does not.

The rules and steps remain the same whether you play the Daily Quordle or the Free Quordle.

The first five-letter word you guess is your starting point.

Quordle requires you to guess one word for each of the four words you must solve in order to win.

As with Wordle, the squares will change to help you along the way—a green square indicates the letters are in the right place, a yellow square indicates the letters are in the word, but in a different position, and a gray square indicates the letter does not appear.

Only one puzzle will be affected by the gray squares. Gray squares are different on each puzzle.

You must scroll down when playing Quordle, regardless of whether you’re using a smartphone, a tablet, or a computer, since the board is too big to display at once.

It will help you since you will see the letters positioning for each of the four words you guess once you guess a word.

You would see the word woman four times if you entered the word woman.

Towards the top left of the first word, the O is highlighted yellow. The first word contains an O somewhere, but not in the second position.

There is a green O and a yellow M and A in the second word on the top right. Therefore, for this five letter word, O appears as the second letter, M and A don’t appear in positions three and four, but elsewhere in the word.

Quordle gives you nine chances to guess all four words correctly.


At, you can play Quordle for free.

There is no affiliation between Quordle and Wordle.

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