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Historical Games Worth Your While

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Historical Games Worth Your While

The thing about history is that it has inspired a great number of TV shows, movies, and even video games.

Game developers have been pumping out titles since the dawn of the gaming industry and some of them are historical ones.

If you’re looking for a historical video game to play or just a good game in general, then here are some suggestions:

Red Dead Redemption 2

The Wild West has been romanticized so much that there are countless TV shows and movies about it.

Red Dead Redemption 2 gives you a gritty portrayal of the period and puts you in the shoes of a cowboy.

You can go from town to town looking for quests to complete, or you can just relax in a saloon with your buddies.

Poker was one of the most popular card games back in the day, and it’s still popular to this day.

Along with blackjack and other classic table game variants, players today can enjoy them on this casino online or that online casino.

These sites also offer a bunch of slots and some other games. The main thing to remember about them is to enjoy them responsibly.

One of the funny things about this Wild West video game is that you can cheat in all the card games. If you do, you’ll be a richer man, but if you don’t do it right then you’ll get into a fight.

Fights often started for something as simple as a card game back in those days which shows you how real a game can get.

Age of Empires IV

Most of the historical games are strategy games which is why you might be familiar with the Age of Empires franchise.

The fourth installment is the latest of the bunch and it doesn’t stick to a particular historical period. In other words, you’ll get to play within a bunch of them.

In Age of Empires IV, you’ll get to command the English armies during the Norman conquest of England, the armies during The Hundred Years War, and even get to command the Mongols as they build their empire. The Rus is another playable faction.

In short, you’ll get to gather resources such as wood, food, and gold, and improve your buildings and armies to complete your objective in the many missions.

Assassin’s Creed II

Just like the first game in this article, Assassin’s Creed II is an RPG title. You’ll play as Ezio Auditore, a young man looking to live the best life.

But after your father and brothers are framed for murder, you’ll take the mantle of the Assassins and kill the man that framed them.

Once you escape your hometown of Firenze with your mother and sister, you’ll get to reunite with your uncle, who will continue training you in the ways of the Assassins and show you how the world really works.

It’s a game set in Renaissance Italy, and the period is accurately portrayed in the game. Moreover, you’ll get to meet some historical figures on your missions such as Leonardo Da Vinci and Lorenzo Medici.

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