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Gundam Evolution Focuses On Team Versus Team Skirmishes With Varied Objectives



gundam evolution

(CTN News) – The Gundam Evolution team-based hero shooter is compared mostly to Overwatch but there’s a Mobile Suit that shares more similarities with the Team Fortress 2 Mobile Suit.

Team Fortress 2 Spy Hidden In Gundam Evolution

The gameplay in Gundam Evolution is inspired by previous titles that pioneered the hero shooter genre. However, one of the most discussed Mobile Suits appears to be a mercenary from Team Fortress 2. There were 14 Mobile Suits offered during Gundam Evolution’s network tests, each with its own gunplay and abilities.

There was, however, one suit in particular that caught the attention, and ire in most cases, of many players: Gundam Barbatos.

Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans and TF2’s French expert of subterfuge have obvious differences in appearance, but they share strikingly similar gameplay functions.
Gundam Evolution focuses on team versus team skirmishes that usually have control point objectives akin to Over watch. Due to two powerful melee stuns, Gundam Barbatos can immediately disable nearly every Mobile Suit in the game, unlike its counterpart, Gundam Exia.

The Mobile Suit’s abilities combined with Barbatos’ generous boost gauge resulted in a lot of fan frustration over its ability to run up to opponents and instantly destroy them. It also had trouble running away to recharge health and abilities.

There was a counterplayer discovered later in the network test to bait the Barbatos’ first stun with a well-timed dash, leaving the melee unit helpless in the face of the enemy team.

As well as their own bot-to-bot extermination, Gundam Evolution and Team Fortress 2 are similar in that both are agile, tricky, instant-kill melee assassins that crumble under team awareness.

While Barbatos uses extra boost charges to get into combat, spy cloaks and disguises enable them to get close to their targets – both are excellent at eliminating one or two complacent opponents.

An enemy can be instantly killed by a spy who backstabs them. With two powerful melee abilities combined, he deals a tremendous amount of damage. There is too much for all mobile suits except one.

As well, they have the ability to escape encounters and fresh kills and wait for their abilities to recharge and better opportunities to present themselves.


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