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GTA 6: Rockstar has Confirmed a new Grand Theft Auto Series Is Coming

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GTA 6 Update – During a briefing Friday, Rockstar Games confirmed that it is working on the next Grand Theft Auto game – presumably titled Grand Theft Auto 6 – saying that active development of the next-gen open-world crime spree game is well underway.

The news of a new Grand Theft Auto came in a community update on all things GTA, including GTA 5 – originally released back in 2013 – and Grand Theft Auto Online.

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GTA 6: Everything we know

Officially, Rockstar has confirmed that the next GTA game is in development. In February 2022, Rockstar said, “We’re excited to announce that active development is underway for the next entry in the series.” “We will share more details as soon as they are released, so please stay tuned to the Rockstar Newswire.”

In the meantime, here are all the rumors we’ve heard about GTA 6 in the years leading up to its announcement.

GTA 6 is confirmed by Rockstar Games

“We’re excited to confirm that Grand Theft Auto 6 is currently in development at Rockstar Games.” GTA fans have been expecting Rockstar Games to unveil GTA 6 for a couple of years. Now that the company has confirmed that it is actively working on the successor to GTA V, the possibility of GTA 6 launching soon is more likely than ever.

Will there be a GTA 6 online?

There is still plenty of fuel in GTA 5’s online Los Santos. Rockstar continues to add new activities, content, and events to its big multiplayer world. With GTA 4, GTA 5, and both Red Dead Redemption games having online servers, it seems like a must-have for GTA 6.

GTA 6: What rumors suggest so far

GTA 6, or GTA VI (whichever title ends up taking), is expected to take place in a modern version of Vice City, the popular fictional city from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Moreover, new DLCs might continue to add new events and areas to the game as well, making the new Vice City map a dynamically expanding one. We suggest you take this information with a grain of salt since none of this has been confirmed.

As per rumors by YouTuber Tom Henderson, GTA 6 is also expected to release in 2024-2025, but that is not confirmed yet.

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