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God Of War Ragnarök: Solution To Jarnsmida Pitmines

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God Of War Ragnarök: Solution To Jarnsmida Pitmines

(CTN News) – As one of God of War Ragnarok’s many puzzles, the Jarnsmide Pitmines puzzle has many steps, so here are our instructions.

By boosting Atreus up onto the higher platform, you will be able to jump across to the next level. When you push Square, he will pull it and a platform will be dropped, which you can jump across. In spite of the fact that the platform will not stop moving, there is exposed gear nearby that will allow you to freeze the platform in place.

As soon as you reach God Of War the next platform, you will need to use your blades to pull on a grapple point and rotate a trough. This will raise a concrete block that is preventing you from continuing.

When you drop down past the block and get up onto the next platform, you will notice that the trough is filled with water. Your axe can be used to freeze God Of War the water and prevent it from flowing.

The concrete block will be lowered into place so that you can grab onto it. Upon reaching the top, recall your axe and allow the water to lift you. Just past a gate, you will be able to reunite with Atreus.

On the other side, you will need to move some carts out of the way. Sindri will appear and provide you with a light source, which you will need to progress. From here, you can enter the mines, but you need to grab Kvasir’s poem and other items nearby.

As you approach the mines, you will be attacked, but they shouldn’t cause too much trouble. After they are out of the way, God of War go to the place where you moved the cart to find a grapple point. A crane is spun when the device is used to turn a water trough.

Near some debris is an explosive jar. Blow up the gate with your axe and clear the way, then return to the gate where you first met Atreus.

You will be able to lift yourself up with the concrete lock in the future. As cranes turn, water flows once again. It is now time to reveal God Of War Kvasir’s Poem and other loot.


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