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Gaming Through a Prism: the GTG L60 L Shaped Gaming Desk

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You’ve cleared the corner of your den, and you’re ready to set up HQ with your GTG L60 L shaped Gaming Desk. The carpet’s freshly vacuumed, cleaned, and prepped to refract that crisp RGB glow. You’re ready for your gaming desk. You’d been saving up, but you didn’t know you’d have enough money to get it so soon. You tremor with excitement.

At long last, you’ll have that coveted gaming setup. You’ll be able to sit down, relax, lean back, kick up your feet, sip your drink, slide on your headphones, turn up the lights and sync them to the beat of your adventure. You lose yourself daydreaming.

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I know the feeling. The anticipation. I felt it when the box arrived. Normally I’d have more anxiety about assembling a new gaming desk, but I’d read reviews of the GTG L60 L Shaped Standing Desk. This time my nerves were calmer—but I still had high expectations.

High expectations which the GTG L60 L Shaped Gaming desk met.

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Get It Because:

  • … Strong tempered glass imbues it with a sleek, futuristic look. The tempered glass is resistant to heat, water, scratches, and impact.
  • … Advanced RGB lighting technology establishes it as a unique, high-value purchase. Full-spectrum color and numerous patterns (including a music-syncing feature). Control the RGB lighting from the control box on the side panel or from the signature control app.
  • … The GTG L60 is sturdy and should last a long time, helped by its four cold-rolled steel legs. The L shape model is reversible, giving you the versatility to attach the side panel to the right or left, opening many placement options. Easy and quick to assemble.
  • … The expansive desktop provides plenty of surface space for your computer, keyboard, mouse, and other accessories.
  • … It has two distinct looks, good for different occasions. Feel like partying, feel a little rush coming on—flip on the RGB lighting and set it to a corresponding pattern. Don’t turn on the lights, and it looks like a polished, understated desk for a professional. Either way, this gaming desk will be easy on the eyes.
  • … You like gamer-friendly amenities such as cupholders, a headset hook, and a power strip holder.
  • … The GTG L60 L Shaped Gaming Desk provides the highest quality and features for a remarkably affordable price compared to competitors.

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Don’t Get It Because:

  • … RGB lighting maybe isn’t your thing, and that’s fine (though it bears reminding that it looks great without its colorful light display).
  • … You were saving up to get something more expensive. Then again, plenty of gaming desks cost just as much yet offer only half the features of this one.
  • … Smudges (fingerprints, etc.) show up on the black glass desktop, so you have to wipe it down from time to time. If the desk isn’t under a lot of light, the smudges will most likely be imperceptible. If this kind of thing grates on your nerves, you may want to consider another gaming desk.
  • … If you get easily frustrated by new apps. The app for RGB control works just fine, but a few wrinkles still need to be ironed out.

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Are you looking for a gaming desk that’s going to not only provide the ideal setup for your devices, monitors, and gaming accessories but also impress whoever you have over? The GTG L60 L Shaped Gaming Desk is reversible in more ways than just one—you can dictate which side the panel goes on, whether you want it to look like a club scene or a James Bond device—it has everything, and it’s fun!

Product Image 5 17813.1652087086

I find the aesthetic versatility of the GTG L60 to be just as valuable as its ability to light up. When you look at it up close, it reminds you of a glacier: slick and smooth and solid. The surface texture is a change from your run-of-the-mill plastic or woodgrain desktop.

I like that I can place a heavy monitor on the tempered glass without feeling like I’m going to scratch it. It works perfectly in my den, which doubles as my office, so I’ve had no problem transitioning from gaming to work and back again.

Accessories such as the headset hanger, cable manager, and cupholder are small touches that add to the overall experience of the GTG L60. Take it from me and don’t deny yourself that experience.


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