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Gambling Addiction and the Problems that Gambling Addicts Face

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Gambling Addiction and the Problems that Gambling Addicts Face

Gambling Addiction: Gambling is a hobby of many people around the world and this multimillion-dollar industry has more and more users every day. Many people see gambling as a kind of relaxation, fun, but also easy money. While gambling sounds great, we need to be careful. Very easily, entertainment can turn into an addiction and thus create potentially many problems for us and the people around us.

What is gambling addiction?

Gambling addiction is also considered pathological gambling and is seen as a mental disorder, it is classified in the chapter on instinct control disorder and was accepted as such in 1980. By definition, an instinct control disorder is the inability to refrain from performing an instinct that is dangerous to others or the person himself. The person has an increasingly strong feeling of tension or excitement before the act, and while it lasts he feels pleasure, satisfaction, or relief. After that, regret, reproach, and guilt may or may not occur.

The cause of gambling addiction can be genetic predispositions, psychological and social elements, and family predispositions to this disorder. Underlying addictive behavior is the urge to get aroused and reduce tension. The social element is perhaps even the biggest cause of gambling addiction, especially among younger people who are just forming personalities. The availability of gambling contributes a lot to this problem, especially online casinos that can be accessed very easily. Today, many sites help us with gambling such as CanadaCasino and similar sites which are a great thing as long as we have control over us as we gamble.

The course of the disorder

It is interesting that gambling today is more stagnant in the male population and that they gamble more often in groups compared to women who gamble more often alone. In men, gambling addiction begins in early adolescence and can be detrimental to their emotional development. Gambling can be regular or occasional. Over time, the frequency of gambling increases, but so do the stakes. Seeking action and excitement is more important than money itself.

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In addition to health problems, other major problems are possible. They are usually related to finances: the creation of debts, the sale of assets, the difficult repayment of loans, new borrowings, and other similar problems. Marital problems, inadequate parenting, and even family breakdown are possible. These are problems from which the whole family can have

consequences for their health in the form of some other illnesses such as depression.

Problems at work are also possible, where many problems lead to impaired concentration, poor efficiency, absences and even borrowing money from colleagues. If you have problems with gambling we advise you to seek help and save yourself potential problems.

Gambling is a trend today that has more and more users and therefore an increasing number of gambling addicts. It can be a great form of entertainment, but we must have a limit that we must not cross in order not to become gambling addicts. And if you’re already a gambling addict, seek help and fight it, because the brain is constantly changing as we learn from it. It’s never too late to change.


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