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Fortnite Update 20.20 Today – 3.52 Early Patch Notes – April 19, 2022



Fortnite Update 20.20 Today – 3.52 Early Patch Notes – April 19, 2022

(CTN News) – Today, the 19th of April 2022, there’s a new Fortnite update released as version 20.10. You can find the early patch notes for the new version 20.10 below.

There have been a couple of updates since Fortnite chapter 3 season 2 launched a month ago. These updates keep players interested in the game.

Fortnite updates consist of new loot items being added to the loot pool, items being vaulted or unvalued, new locations being added or changed, and new collaborations consisting of cosmetic items being added to the item shop.

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This season is off to a good start with the new tactical sprint and mantling mechanics being well received by the player base. Epic has probably increased its player base considerably now that both building types are available in core game modes as well as a permanent Zero Build LTM.

Updates, however, need to be more frequent. As of the end of the last season, neither the updates nor the last major patch, 20.10, offered much new content.

Based on what we know, Fortnite’s 20.20 update won’t bring any big changes to the game, which could lead players to turn to other games like Apex Legends, which has done extraordinarily well with its update events and season releases over the past year.

Fortnite v20.20 Update 3.52 Patch notes

Fortnite update 20.20 was announced by Epic Games today, and here’s everything you need to know about the update, including early patch notes based on what we know from data-miners.

Prowler Skin Challenges

We’ve known since the start of the season that Prowler is the not-so-secret skin for season two. In addition to the cosmetics, the weekly challenges will be included in the 3.52 Fortnite update. These will be available on Thursday when the weekly challenges go live.

The Prowler Fortnite Skin

The Prowler Fortnite Skin

Further POI Turf Wars

Epic Games has been adding new POI turf wars to its game that pit the IO against the Resistance on specific locations on the map for the past couple of weeks.

With today’s Fortnite patch 20.20, we’re likely to see another turf war between The Daily Bugle and Condo Canyon. Upon the conclusion of each battle, the Resistance will regain control of the map, changing the battle lines on the map.

In addition to that, we don’t know what 3.52 will bring, but we’ll keep you updated with all the latest news and leaks, so make sure you visit the home page during downtime. Also check out the Fortnite Wordle edition, Forte, which we created on our sister site, Fortnite Skin.

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