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Five Ways Online Casinos Outmatch Brick and Mortar Ones



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The innovation of smartphones has grasped the world of online gambling to a new position predominantly. The first batch of online casinos launched resulted in a slow decline in the world of brick-and-mortar casinos.

However, the brick and mortar method, i.e. playing for cash at a real casino, is still very much preferred by a good number of gamblers.

Nonetheless, prominent online casinos, such as betway casino, have deeply grounded its root in the gambling sector, thus, resulting in two massive gambling branches arising from the same gambling tree, competing for dominancy in the gambling world.

They both have a unique and rewarding gambling experience, and also, the type of casino preferred is mainly dependent on the gamer’s choice.

Brick and mortar casinos have always had an advantage over online casinos in the gambling world. However, with the advent of technology, the convenience of betting over the internet cannot be overemphasized.

In present times, online casinos have more advantages than the brick and mortar competition. The two gambling worlds have their merits and shortcomings, but the internet is rapidly closing the gap for their perks.

Advantages of online casinos over brick and mortar casinos

Trial run:

The ability to try games for free before staking money is one of the best aspects of using casinos. The ability to familiarize yourself with the modus operandi freely is an enormous gift for beginners.

It clears you from feeling intimidated, like when trying to learn a new game at the brick-and-mortar casino because the games are rapidly moving, and the dealers wouldn’t have the luxury of time to walk you through the rules and strategies of the game.

  • The trial runs and free games online are beneficial as it eases the pressure of having money on the line or from other gamblers around the table and learning the rudiment of the games with fewer distractions.

Online casinos are faster:

  • Humans spend time shuffling cards and spinning wheels in brick-and-mortar casinos. However, in casinos, computers do these things rapidly, making online games quicker.

Online casinos present the option and luxury of playing at your own pace, which poses a great advantage to you. Dictating the game’s pace will accord you enough time to make calculated moves.

Currency options:

In brick and mortar casinos, the currency used is limited and local. In most cases, cash is the only available option. However, the issue is different in online casinos as they take all sorts of various forms of payments ranging from credit cards to cryptocurrency, several payment methods are also offered by these online casinos. Playing online allows you to work your way around various conversion fees.

In addition, after potential winnings, leaving the brick and mortar casinos with a huge amount of money can be really dangerous, especially in an unsafe vicinity.

Online casinos can have your winnings deposited directly into your online betting account, which can be further deposited by you directly into your bank with necessary notifications sent via email. The wide-ranged currency options offered by online casinos are easily accessible and user-friendly.


Since the advent of online casinos, gambling has never been more convenient and accessible. Several online games can be continuously played anywhere and anytime with your mobile or other devices, and get these variants of the games available to you stress-free.

Playing online games prevents you from stressful activities and spending more money, such as transportation or buying tickets to gain access to the casino hall.


The vast volume of game options posed by online casinos gives it an edge over brick and mortar casinos. The game slot range of casinos is unmatched and very impossible to replicate as they also offer tons of several table games in a real 3-D space. This certainty makes it easier for players to play games on casino sites for long hours without getting bored.

In conclusion

Those that prefer the human touch will typically choose the brick and mortar casinos, but presently, online casinos have the edge over the brick and mortar casinos in various ways. If you want a stress-free, streamlined and convenient betting experience, your best call is the online casino.

Online casino gives you the chance to be in charge of how you want to play and when. If you are bored of playing a particular game, you can easily switch to another game due to the accessibility of online casino sites.

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